Interailing Travel #2 - Cologne, Germany

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Welcome to Germany.

Luckily our 4 hour train ride to Cologne was not too bad as we were greeted with amazing German scenery. We talked, listened to music, tried watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix but that kinda failed (cry) and also talked to an extremely interesting guy next to us on the train, so all in all, not soo bad.

For us, Cologne was more like a resting place before our next big journey to Prague and we truly loved it! I think witch all the excitement that we had in Amsterdam and going out non stop for the last 3-4 days we had to have a rest stop and Cologne was the perfect place!

I won't lie to you, cologne was beautiful but you could probably get through most of what it has to offer in a day and a half. When we first arrived in Cologne we went to check out the river and the beautiful cathedral that is best known in Cologne (while of course also stopping for food and pictures!)

Cologne Cathedral       

Just in front of the cathedral, we saw some beautiful artwork from a P. Stefan as it showed many different flags from around the world and my heart was touched when I saw the Lebanon flag with them. Just below the flags, there was a heart-warming message that read

"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to:

One Human Race!"

Truly a message that we must all hear and stay true to. P.Stefan - my hat goes off to you for reminding us who we are. That no matter what we believe and what colour our skin is. We are all human and we all deserve to be treated the same.

The next day was started right with some amazing breakfast - If you're ever in Germany check out 'Coffee Fellows' one of the best bagels and coffee I've come across so far!

We took a cable car to the other side of the park to get to the Cologne Zoo and it was definitely the right desicion ... there's oh soo much walking one can do!

Cologne Zoo

more and more pictures ...

Koln Triangle 

To end our last day in Cologne we went up the LVR tower and got to see a panoramic view of the whole city and it was beautiful (although I would def recommend bringing a jacket with you cos it got very windy very fast at the top!). We managed to arrive just before the sun was setting and got some few selfies before we finally sat down and watched the boats going by and the beautiful sunset.

Just before we boarded our train to the next destination, it was shocking to see the cathedral as we were entering the train station. Truly an amazing way to see goodbye to this beautiful city.


one more country, one more stop...




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