Europe Interrailing

Hellllooo beauties!

WOW is there a lot to catch you guys up on!

Sooo to get started, just last week my friend and I came back from a mini Europe interrailing trip.

What's Interrailing?


Interrailing is a unique way of getting about to over 30 countries within Europe where you have the freedom to customise and 'create your own story'. You can buy a 3-day pass, 5-day pass or even a 10-day pass and use them for a month or 2. During those days, you can travel by train, coach or ferry to any destination you choose. The world really is your oyster!!


Soo, what did we do on our interrailing trip?

We chose to do the 3-day pass allowing us to travel to 3 different countries. The Netherlands, Germany and Republic. Within these we decided to visit Amsterdam and Utrecht, Cologne and Prague. So as you can imagine, there was a lot going on!

We honestly had an amazing time and although it was tiring having a full 9 days of travelling and exploring, the experience and memories were unforgettable and I truly encourage other people to try interrailing out if they get the chance!

To sum up our experience I did a mini interrailing vlog that you can Czech (pun intended) out down below! As well as future blog post coming where I go in detail about what we did within each country with many, many pictures involved!




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