End of an Era

After 4 challenging but amazing years at university, I have finally finished my degree!! I’m still in awe at how time has flown by and still find myself thinking back to the first steps I took into this little journey and the emotions that came with it.

I made some incredible life long friends along the way who truly have made this an amazing experience and I couldn’t thank them enough!

I came into this student life as a nervous and frightened young adult but I come out courageous and ready to take on what life has to offer me. Although I am now officially 'unemployed' and don't really know what I'm doing with my life (as with any student), I'll go with the flow and see what my next journey in life will be. 

They say the best memories are made at university and I can honestly say they truly are. Below are some of the many memories I've made over the past 4 years (excluding my year abroad because we've had enough of those!) and it's still not enough sum up my experience.

Although it still quite sunk in yet that I've finished, I'm ready to embark on the next stage that life has to offer and for those of you who are still studying, ENJOY THEM!! I know it can be a challenge with exams and essay deadlines but you'll never get these moments and believe me you're gonna want them! (just not right now haha)

Salsa Gang 



Dissertation Completed!

thank you, next




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