HI everyone!

I just hate bad makeup AND hair days. Sometimes it may look like me when I make up my mind like the following pictures. My normal makeup will be perfect, but when I get to the stage where I put on eyeliner then it will not be good. Do not forget that you still do not have to make yourself comfortable because you are very nice and wonderful.

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I just want to say to you that makeup does not make you nicer than you are as natural.

It just ruins your hay and you will not be happier or more beautiful.

I'm so damn tired that "guys" say girls have to make up for otherwise they look like crap, but we women who listen to the men just make mistakes because you who are reading this are certainly finer than any other woman is You are the most beautiful woman in the world.

You know that people who say you need to make makeup because you're ugly are just jealous of how beautiful you are without makeup.

I'm a girl who uses makeup but just because I like makeup but not because people / "guys" say I'm nicer with makeup. #fuckhaters <3 <3




welcome to my blog. I started this blog because i love to send to people what i do in a day. I am from Sweden and I am a girl, I am 14 years old. My name is Lillian and I hope you like my blog and follow me. // many kisses <3 <3

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