hey! thank you for stumbling accross my blog. here's a quick short intro: hi readers! i'm beyond excited to start this blog since i've spent hours and hours doubting to make this blog and i finally did it! YAY to me!! i hope that i can share my exhausting journey which most of you guys called life, here :) this blog is far from perfect but it is what it is, nothing is sugar-coated, all are the truths of what i've been facing lately! grades, dramas, fears, fights, feelings, family, love-life, pet-peeves, and much more. i also hope that through this blog i can truly be myself, which i can hardly do in my actual life! as crazy as it might sound, it's true! so, fingers-crossed and wish me luck on this blog! hope that i can keep uploading and continuing this blog as frequent as i can :) i guess that's all for this intoduction, adiós!!💜