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Previously, a reader of this blog sent me a question regarding what to do about their relationship. This is the readers question:

"Hi Ms Wife, I've been in a 4 year long marriage which began at the age of 12. My husband has never given me any rights/power in our relationship. I have never gotten the chance to express my feelings or opinions. After following your blog for the last couple of weeks I have realised that if you can affect your relationship so can I. How do you do it and what should I do?

xoxo Anonymous"

I can totally relate to you since I was also married off at an early age of 12 haha! After reading this comment I thought why should anyone be forced into a relationship like this?! My advice to you, anonymous is to first of all;

1. Set ultimatums. Example: Use your sexual power to get what you want by leaving your man unsatisfied in bed, when he begs for more make a deal that if you satisfy his needs he will have to pay you back with more rights in the marriage. (This worked in almost all of my past marriages)

2. Manipulate him by accusing him of saying mean things to you, or ex. cheating on you/being unfaithful. Hopefully he will become so guilty that he will give in to your wishes and you will get what you want.

3. If the advice above does not work for you, simply make him "disappear" (if you know what I mean...) and let that=


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