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Heey guys! How are you feelings this wonderful day? Are you out enjoying the sun? I'm sitting out on the terrace posting some details about our trip to Cologne, German while drinking a glass of wine and just taking it easy. :) Keep reading, there are some juicy details about Cologne down below! #oohtellmemore ;)

Our first stop was in Cologne, Germany. We landed the 1st of September on a Monday morning, checked into our five-stared hotel, ate some breakfast changed clothes and headed out to explore the city. We stayed in Cologne for about four days and during these days we visited:

- The Cologne Cathedral, a very big Catholic cathedral. It was extremely big and the architecture of it was absolutely amazing, still amazed even after three weeks, woooow...

- The Fragrance museum, were we got to see how perfumes were produced and even got to smell some very different fragrances. Quite interesting actually even though it sounds boring.

- A fashion show based on the color red, which I fell in love with because red is MY FAVORITE COLOR and it gave me some inspiration for my future wardrobe!!!

- Sooo many restaurants which had very much to offer, for a minute I felt like I was in heaven. Ooh and we stopped by a greek restaurant because of the smell that was coming from it, and we just had to see what it was that smelled so heavenly, there were so many things on the menu but I decided to try on something called 'Souvlaki' basically meat, vegetables, french fries, tsatziki all rolled in pita bread. I gotta be honest, it was something very simple but sooo good! I could eat it all day everyday!! Patricia ordered grilled meat with pita bread and tsatziki which I don't doubt must have been delicious too (just kidding, i tasted like half of her plate and it was BOOMB GOOD...) 

Here you go guys, this was our trip to Cologne, I have some trips left to share with you so hang in there! 

Kisses Wife <3 (Olga)

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