There's an excitement and worry with paying for a service where you don't completely know what you will be receiving each month - almost like a lucky dip!

The opening offer for the July Birchbox subscription was June's box for free, I couldn't say no to that.

Obliviously the presentation of July's box was great but I was more interested with what was inside.

The delivery time with the July box seemed slow from the date I purchased the box taking over a week to arrive, as I couldn't wait to receive the box!

[caption id="attachment_111" align="alignnone" width="3264"]
Here it is, two boxes in one. WOW.

I've read a lot of reviews from people saying they didn't receive a good choice of products from this box, so I was sceptical but I was lucky to receive a good range.

I won't go through everything in the box but I'll tell you my two favourite products and my two least favourite products and my two in between products which I didn't completely love but didn't hate either.

Favourites -

Ecotools blending sponges - (that was actually from the June box)

These blended a lot smoother than my beauty blender and the smaller sponge was firmer than the larger sponge for stricter application for concealer. I guess a boring but necessary product.

Benefit's Cha Cha lip and cheek tint -

I was excited to try this product after loving Benefit's posie tint. I decided to go for Cha Cha tint as it has an orange tinge to it which is the effortless peachy look I wanted to go for this summer. The only downside is that if you have dry skin it won't blend well on the skin and will appear blotchy. Another issue is that the sample form Birchbox is tiny, so whether it is actually worth it is questionable.

Least favourites -

Cowshed cow pat hand cream -

This was a big disappointment for me, when I think of beauty box I don't care to see a hand cream in there, let alone one which smells like poison ivy and doesn't do anything for my skin that a basic hand cream doesn't do. This is priced at £8, in my opinion it's not worth £8.

Meech and Mia Browliner in shade 21 -

The reason why I didn't really care for this product is because the lid keeps falling off, meaning that when I received the parcel the browliner lid was off and smudged on to the inside of the box and other products. Secondly, I don't use brow pencils so I would only use this as an eyeliner. Other than that the pencil itself is smooth and glides on to the skin easily with a good pigmentation.

In between products -

Scrub Love's Coconut Mango body scrub -

This smells amazing! Although it is really difficult to rub it into the skin, either that or I am doing it wrong. The consistency looks like a bunch of twigs, although in application it's a bit too soft and oily for my preference and it doesn't feel like it's exfoliating much at all. But, if you want to have a moisturiser in the shower which smells amazing then this is for you.

Balanceme flash Cleanse Micellar Water -

I love micellar water it's great for the skin, but I don't think it's something you have to splurge on. There are lots of cheaper versions around that will do the same job.

August's Birchbox

I tried another month, as August's box caught my eye with the spectrum mermaid brushes!

Compared to the amount of products that came with the July box (because of the freebie) I was a bit dissapointed initially, but the mermaid box is magical!

Although, I did pick the green spectrum brush and Birchbox sent the pink one instead which I was a bit disappointed about as that was the main item of the box.

Not to worry though as their customer service was great! I emailed Birchbox advising them that I received that wrong spectrum brush and they sent me the green one aswell! So now I have two.

Favourite -

Spectrum mermaid Brush in A05

This brush looks and feels amazing! The bristles are the softest synthetic bristles that I have ever felt and the brand is cruelty free too.

Least favourite -

Number 4th Jour d'automne sugar texturing spray -

This product is great if you like the beach look but I don't really care for this texturising spray as it just makes my hair knotty and look dry yet wet at the same time!

In between -

Nuxe dry oil -

This oil looks exciting! Gold and shimmery, what else would you want? Well if you go a little crazy like me it can get everywhere (especially if you have a moisturiser underneath as it can get sticky) which isn't what you want if you are wearing light clothing because you can get what looks like dirt patches on your clothes. I recommend putting a light layer on the skin, letting the product dry for 5-10 minutes before putting clothing on.

The Verdict...

Overall I think that there are some great products in Birchbox boxes and they are great to try if you like experimenting with new hair and beauty products without committing to a hefty price tag! But I wouldn't commit to a long term subscraption as in the long term I don't think that the mostly sample sized items for the price are good value or that spectacular. I don't think I'll keep my subscraption for September. Although I'd say that the first box is always worth it as you can get additional freebies for ordering your first box.

I hope this has given you some insight into my thoughts of Birchbox and better helps you make an informed decision as to whether Birchbox is really worth the hype.

Emma x



June was our holiday month and as Malia was super cheap and I'd never travelled to Greece before, we went there!

The weather in Greece was 30 degrees and wow the sand burnt your feet!

The water was crystal clear on bikini beach in Malia and apart from one stormy day where an earthquake hit the island of Kos, the Aegean Sea was calm.

We walked along the beach exploring through rock pools looking for crabs and squid. One thing we did find was a foot load of seaweed!

At night this church on a tiny island off bikini beach lit up, it was so relaxing and peaceful to see.

I did try to swim part way over in the day with a rubber ring but I can't swim so I saw sense and paddled back.

Here in the quieter Old Town of Malia we found a number of really nice restaurants as well as finding that everyone is Malia has a moped.

We explored Malia and their supermarkets finding that they have a love for oregano flavoured crisps, which unfortunately I don't.

Then, we came across the biggest watermelons that we had ever seen! even bigger than my head apparently.

But regardless of all that, this holiday was my fashion show, packing 13 bikinis for a 7 night holiday. Can anyone relate?

image-resize greece

We had fun! and met some lovely people in Greece.

I do recommend Malia if you are looking for a lively holiday with a lot of nightlife.

Emma x



Liverpool was always on the cards for my 24th Birthday!

It's one of my favourite cities in the U.K. because you can find every type of person and the atmosphere is always exciting.

Here I am doing what I do best, shopping! I love this black silk shirt from H&M the texture is amazing.

The only problem is that it creases so quickly!

Of course food was on the cards, what's a birthday without food?!

We decided to go somewhere we had never been before. We found this little restaurant called Pattersons by chance and it was the best impulsive decision I made that day.

If you have never tried Pattersons before then it is a must go. They sell their KFC style chicken in grams and it's to die for, literally.

Next stop was of course more food!

This amazing pizza is from American pizza slice in Liverpool. The great thing about this pizza other than being what I think is the best in the UK is that it's actually gluten free!

Unfortunately though, they only have stores in Liverpool but if you are willing to travel, you will not be disappointed.

Emma x