Today I'm gonna start fresh (with a shower hopefully) and embrace everything - from the grey sky outside to the pontential of maybe have a better day than before. 

Today I'm gonna hang with my best friends to today aren't gonna suck. We are going to eat sushi and play computer games, we usually don't do anything else - not the most exciting people I know but you should se us drunk (the song wasted isn't anything compare to us. You know what they say? shy somber - drunk maniac.

I hope you all have that one friend that can make you day golden - just by sit beside you on a chair watching a coin documentary and eating chips (because you can't eat something else?) Well the friend I'm gonna se today is awesome and weird in a good way. - But the thing I like most about her is that she always is herself - and dosen't care about what other people think. Or maybe she does (I haven't notice it anyway)



Have you ever felt so insignificant that you might as well hide under your bed or be a ghost in your own life? Numb to everything that's happens all around you - just a watcher in the stands to a hockeymatch?

Today I found out one of my oldest friends is pregnant. PREGNANT - Has meet her dream man and are starting her very own family - while I'm home, a virgin, playing games on my computer and living in a surreal fantasy in my head- that's never going to happened. It's time for me to start living my life and not just be a watcher in the stands anymore to come out and do misstakes and believe that I AM A PERSON - not a ghost in a human shape, walking around and eat everything in my way.

Today or maybe tomorrow is a new beginning - I won't sit in a chair anymore and live through my friends anymore. I will be the person to tell everyone about my crazy adventures and failures and most important. Not live in my head anymore. 

This is going to be a bumpy road - I know that but it's time to wake up and live. It's just been New Years and at a new year you make resolutions - I have never bothered with it before because I think it's a lame thing to do but here I go.

​1. Live your life to the fullest everyday

2. Never​ say no to a party

3. ALWAYS be kind to everyone and never lie again.

3. Be yourself - if they don't like it - FUCK THEM 

4. Get your ass to the gym (kliché I know but come on?)

4. travel to a new country.

5. try to stopp eat everything in your way. (LOL)​