While I was living in London, Nick and I decided to take a quick trip to Rome for a weekend, as we wanted to get away or a bit. We did not take too much to plan this trip, as it was more a spur of the moment kind of get-away.

Rome is a beautiful city, in the way that all the buildings they have are very old, and all the ruins are preserved throughout the city. So this get-away was really different from what you typically see both in Copenhagen and London.

Nick and I loooove to travel, and we love to see different cultures and experience different cities and people. However, Rome as a destination for us, is probably a tad to cultural for our taste, to me it felt like it was very much the same, just a lot of old buildings and a lot in relation to religions as well. But even though I know I am not that much into that kind of stuff, like museums, churches and the like, I believe this is the perfect city if you have some interest in these areas.

And I must say, fear not if you are travelling with a less cultural interested companion, as Nick always is... Because the food is amazing, and they have a lot of cute and fun small bars and cafes, which made this weekend perfect for even a person as me. Also, I guess you need to try to see stuff like Coloseum once in your life, especially if you go to Rome, it is kinda a must do/see.

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As we have recently taken up golf as our new hobby, we had been encouraged to go to the HSBC Championship in Abu Dhabi on Abu Dhabi Golf Club. So we did!

It was a great experience, and the golf course is really beautiful, and I probably have not seen grass that nice anywhere in the world before, they really care for their grass.

We where there two full days, Friday and Saturday, and the championship is over 4 days, going from Thursday to Sunday. So we tried to get as much of it as possible, considering Nick still had to go to work Sunday.

On the Friday, we decided to follow around some of the top Players, Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood and Andrew Johnston was playing together, and was all said to be in the lead of the title, especially since Fleetwood won it in 2017. It was fun to see the professional players prepare, swing and aim, and what I liked the most was the part that not all of their shots were perfect! This really boosted my confidence, I know it is mean, however it really gave me more courage to go onto the green... Maybe I am not hopeless, you know..

The Saturday we decided to go there early to follow all the Danish players that had gone though to the part, where they actually get some money out of it, which was so much fun.

It was really good to see how they all had different methods, preparation techniques and the like, it even inspired us so much, so we went to the driving range straight after to practice some of our long shots.

I know we are quite lucky to be able to see the Abu Dhabi Championship, as there are way less spectators compared to the championships being held on US or UK golf courses, so we really get to be close to the "stars" which is the first sport were I have ever tried that.

I would also recommend the event to everyone, who is not that fond of golf, as the courses are beautiful and you actually get to eb able to take a stroll in a park with a beer in you hand, enjoying the sun! Let me just say, this is not the norm.



When Nick and I realised we had lived in England for 9 months and never even been further outside of London than Greenwich, we decided to take the train to Brighton and stay for the weekend. Everybody we met in London always talked so much about their weekends in Brighton, going to the beach, going to all the pubs etc. etc.

However, as we were going in December, we are could not really go to the beach and enjoy ice creams all day. So instead, we took a walk by the beach and went to the arcade!

Brighton is a great little city, where you really get a good feel of how England is, compared to London, which everybody always say is not the "real" England. We had an amazing weekend, with oysters on the beach, a room in a very charming bed and breakfast (Marina House Hotel), and some British beer at the pubs. It was kinda rainy, but the city still had a very cozy and lively atmosphere. I would recommend Brighton as a get-away from the city as the train ride is quite quick.

Also, a quick tip, go to the Breakfast Club in Brighton if you want to try what all the London hype is about, here there is basically no line, and they have the exact same menu card. In Soho you can end up waiting for hours to get a table (no reservations) - believe me, we have tried to be there for two hours, to our luck the sun was shining though!



I have recently been experimenting with sourdough, as I really enjoy freshly baked bread, and would do anything to improve it and make the buns even tastier!

I always have some homebaked buns in the freezer, so Nick and I can get fresh buns every morning, it only takes 10-15 mins to reheat them in the oven. This to me is the perfect way of starting the morning, and a great way to get some healthy fat from the nuts, as well as some of our fibers for the day. Usually these buns make up the main carb part of our breakfast.

So, I wanted to improved the feel of the buns, so instead of using yeast, I started creating my own sourdough. I am writing this post to let you in on the secret: It is INSANELY easy!

So everything you need for this recipe is: Rye flour, white flour, and water... very simple, I know. You can make your sourdough ready for baking in 5 days, and you only need like 1 min a day to get it started.

Another good idea is to get some kind of air tight jar to keep it in, so when you keep it in the fridge or on the kitchen table no smell or stuff like that will come in or out of the jar.

Day 1:
Mix 1 dl rye flour, 1 dl white flour, and 2 dl water together in the jar. On the first day, you can leave the jar open over the night to get the process starting.

Day 2:
"feed" the dough with 1/2 dl rye flour, 1/2 fl white flour and 1 dl water. Make sure to stir the dough throughout the day, whenever you come into the kitchen.

Day 3, 4 and 5:
Each day, feed the dough with 1/2 dl rye flour, 1/2 fl white flour and 1 dl water. At some point the dough will start to boble and smell sour, which it is suppose to. If the dough separates, no worries, just mix it up and make it even.

If you bake several times a week, just keep the sourdough on the kitchen table. If you only bake once in a while keep the dough in the fridge, this gets the process to go a little slower, so you dont have to keep an eye on it everyday.

Make sure to feed the dough when you have used some of it, and stir in it once n a while. You can probably make sourdough way more complicated, and there are probably a lot of rules I know nothing about, but this works for me, and it is really easy! Let me know if you have any other tips I should do or maybe something I am doing wrong, please do let me know. And now, I will go out and make some more breakfast buns!



In April 2016 I moved to London for a great opportunity in my career as a tax professional, it was my first full time job after completing my Masters at Copenhagen Business School, and I was more than excited to start my international career in this metropol of a city.

The worst part about the move was that I had to leave Nick back in Copenhagen, as he had to finish his studies before he could join me, but the best part is that you can get very, very, cheap tickets between London and Copenhagen, which eventually meant that we would see each other every weekend! It was horrible to live apart, and I think the biggest lesson we learned from my year in London is, that we are never going to live apart again.

Beside this, my year in London was amazing, I loved every minute of it. I could focus on my job on the weekdays, making up as much time as possible for the weekends. So we went exploring, like a lot. It was almost as being on a city vacation every weekend, which is not something I would recommend, it is simply very expensive living like that...

We tried to see as much of the city as possible, mostly on foot, and we could walk for hours and hours in Londons parks and different city parts. I had a flat in Fitzrovia very close to Marylebone, which I think was the perfect location for first timers in the city. I could walk to work in 20 minutes, and we could basically walk everywhere in the city as we lived just 5 mins from Oxford Street.

I have collected some of my favourite memories from my year in London in this post. Looking back on it, the thing I miss the most is being able to walk everywhere, however I do not miss the weather....

In the first couple of months I lived there, we did a lot of sightseeing, feeling very touristy in you home city is very much fun, and is a good way to get to know the city, as well as check out what you actually want to visit when you have friends or family come over to visit.

I will definitely make more posts about London, especially about my favourite places to eat, chill, or just to take a walk/run.



As Nick and I had moved to Abu Dhabi, obviously we also explored new opportunities to experience countries which we might not have considered where we still in the cold northern Europe. Our first choice of exploration spot fell on Sri Lanka, which most people describe as the perfect destination if you consider visiting India, however you want a more cleaner and beautiful experience. How where we suppose to take Mumbai over that?

Sri Lanka is a very underestimated country, and it does not have that much tourism. This, however, is something they are really working to improve. They want to have more tourist coming to the country, as this both means more income, and more awareness of their beautiful country.

As you can probably tell, Nick and I was completely blown away by the nature and how well they nurture an loves the nature, making much of it feeling so unspoiled and untouched, as they keep everything as is. The nature is unreal, and to get to it, be near it, or experience it, is almost too easy and too cheap. Which basically gives you no excuse when you consider what activities you want to do, as you can easily to all of them, and still have a very cheap vacation.

We booked a tour with a personal guide and driver, which meant that we could make a plan on everything we thought we wanted to experience, with his input, even before we got to the country. It was also very easy to change our plans, or do something a little different, as it was basically only the three of us in a car for a week. We used Genuine Sri Lankan (no sponsorship, just really liked these guys), and it was perfect.

From one of the rooms we stayed in, basic cost was around 500 DKK per night (or approx 250 AED).

During out time in Sri Lanka, we went to two seperate safaries, first the elephant safari, where we saw more elephants than I had seen during my whole life so far. The second one was a leopard safari, which was more intense, as the leopards are much more difficult to find in the national parks, however we did see two, but they where so far away, it was almost impossible to get a good picture.

All in all, we had an incredible trip, and next time we go there, we are definitely gonna stay along the coast and learn how to kite surf, as we heard it is one of the greatest places on earth to do that. I will make sure to create another post with all my 'must dos' in Sri Lanka, but please make sure to consider this as one of your vacation spots in the future, it is completely underrated.