hello there, i'm lisa.
this is my very first blog post and i thought i'd introduce myself. i've very recently finished school and am now about to find out what i want in life, what i'm passionate about and what makes me truly happy. i was looking for a space where i can share my love for writing - and here it is! growing up in a small town in germany, i've always wanted to get out in the world, explore different cultures and other countries. i wanna build new friendships with people from all over the world and get to know their stories. being passionate about the english language, i wanna go on a three months trip to brighton and for the same amount of time to ireland. i always knew i want to do something creative, so i've decided to study creative writing as soon as i'm back in germany. if you are a lover of travel, food, people and on the same journey as i am -finding yourself, learn to love yourself and the life you're living- i'd love for you to join me, as i'm going to post all of my experiences right here.

lots of love, lisa xx