Healthy Eats, Tokyo

Have you ever entered a business establishment, that serves food and beverages, where everything on the menu includes avocado? Well if you dislike avocado, this must be hell for you. For me this was absolute heaven.

This cafe is quite hidden, located across from this very trendy new hotel "Trunk Hotel". While Madosh! Cafe is quite hidden, you can not miss it since people are always lining up to enter. I was a bit skeptic about how everything on the menu includes avocado, however to my surprise it is possible; even with drinks!

My lunch consisted of:

Avocado Coconut Green-curry (¥1200)

if you decide to take-out, this will be ¥500

I definitely would like to try one of their delicious looking avocado smoothies next time. This place has a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere and I recommend this place for visiting with a few friends or have lunch during your break. I do not recommend going there with a big group since there is not enough space. This place has minimal service, however the people are definitely very friendly. Their prices are on the pricier side for lunch (if you don't take the combo), however, very reasonable for dinner. The pricing is mainly just like any other health focused restaurants and cafes. I would definitely like to return to try some of their avocado drinks and other avocado dishes!

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MMMMust Try Once, Hong Kong

Finding dishes that are truly photogenic is quite rare. Usually I have to move the dish to a better lighting, or find just the right angle to get the perfect shot. Lately photogenic foods have been a trend; more restaurants want customers to take photos of their trendy photogenic foods and feature it on their social media. Yum Cha has taken this trend to another level, by creating little cute characters that can be eaten.

I really enjoyed seeing the creative dishes being served. I wanted to try more dishes, however being in Hong Kong and eating my way through, I was already too full.

What I ordered:

-BBQ piggy buns (49 HKD)

-Seasonal Vegetable (79 HKD)

-Shrimp Dumplings in Soup (59 HKD)

This definitely makes my MMMMust Try Once list. From the trendy interior design to the relaxed dim sum atmosphere, this is a perfect place to go with a group of friends. This place was not ridiculously overpriced for Hong Kong standards and who wouldn't pay 49 HKD for cute piggy buns? The service was quite fast and despite the business, they never failed to refill the tea. I would love to return to this trendy dim sum place to try the other creative creations.