If you are looking for a snack or a good breakfast choice then this is the perfect match for you!

Servings: 1-2


One banana

2 dl of frozen berries

One teaspoon of honey

1/2 dl of coconut milk

dried fruits as topping (we used bananas, dates and coconut)


1. make sure the barries are not too frozen

2. add everything into a mixer

3. pour the smoothie into a bowl

4. add the topping

5. serve and enjoy!

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This might take a little longer to cook but it is definitely worth it!

Servings: 2-3


One garlic naan bread

2 chicken fillets

2.5 dl cream for cooking

2 dl rice

One can of corn

One table spoon of parsely

35 g of Tikka Masala spice

salt and pepper for seasoning

Some olive oil for frying


1. Start off with cutting the chicken into pieces and put it in a pot with some olive oil

2. add some seasoning and parsely

3. turn the oven to 250 degree Celsius

4. start cooking the rice

5..Add the cream and indian spice to the pot

6.when the rice is done, fry it in a pan with some olive oil and add the corn

7. put the naan bread into the oven for 10 minutes until it is golden brown

8.add the rice and corn into the pot and let it cook until its is not "watery"

9. put some of the chicken/rice in a bowl and the naan bread on a plate and serve!



During these cold days of the year, soup is always a good option for lunch or dinner.

Servings: 4


2 Carrots

1 pack of Chive

1 pack of Egg Noodles

2 Broth dices (Vegetable flavor)

1 can of Coconut milk

Olive oil for frying

100 g of sliced chicken breast

Salt and pepper

1 Lime

2 pieces of Naan Bread

1 bowl of Edamame Beans


1. Start with frying the chicken in olive oil, when they are done then add chopped carrot pieces and the pack of chive to the pot. Turn the oven on 200 degree Celsius.

2..Boil the vegetable broth and the noodles in the same water, then add it into the pot as well.

3.Add the coconut milk and let it boil for 15 minutes.

4. Boil the edamame beans in salted water, put the naan bread in the oven for 3 min.

5.Pour the water out of the beans and place them in a bowl and season with flake salt.

6. Cut the lime into four pieces and place in a bowl.

7. Put the bowl of beans, lime, the bread and the soup on the table and serve!



An easy dish that is ready to serve in no time!

Servings: 2


150g of veggie ground crumbles

olive oil (for frying)

1/2 teaspoon salt and pepper

one pack of puff pastry

10g of mozzarella

3 tablespoons of sour creme

a few cherry tomatoes

one avocado


1. Turn on the oven to 200 degrees Celsius

2. fry the veggie ground crumbles

3. add salt and pepper

4.cut the puff pastry into 4 equal squares

5. put equal amount of veggie ground crumbles on each square and "tie the togheter"

6.put them on a oven tray with greve proof paper

7.add cheese on top of pasties and put in oven until there is a golden colour of the pasties

8.during the time the pasties are in the oven; cut the tomatoes and avocado and put on a plate, also mix sour creme with salt and pepper and put a click on the plate as well

9.take the pasties out from the oven and put 2 on the plate

10. ready to serve!



Tired after a long day and just want to have a quick lunch? Then try this quick and delicious rice sallad!

Servings: 5-8


4 dl of rice

3 chicken fillets

1/2 of a cucumber

1 Tomato

1 red bell pepper

2-3 tablespoons of Pesto

1 hand of spinach


1. Start by cooking the rice for 10-15 min.

2. Slice the chicken fillets.

3. Fry the small pieces of chicken fillets.

4. Slice the tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and red bell peppers.

5. Add the rice, fired chicken and sliced vegetables in a big bowl.

6 Add pesto and mix everything.

7. Put in the fridge for 1 hour.

8. Ready to serve!



You love cookies and chocolate? Then you must try this GIGANTIC COOKIE!

Servings: 5-10


1 liter of different chopped chocolate bars

150 g of butter

3 dl of brown sugar

6 tablespoons of sugar

3 tablespoon of milk

6 tablespoons of vanilla sugar

4.5 dl of flour


1. Turn on the oven at 275 Celsius

2. Mix all ingredients, except the chopped chocolate, into a smooth dough

3 Add the chopped chocolate into the dough and mix once more

4 Put the dough into a baking dish

5 Put in the oven for 15-20 minutes

6 The gigantic cookie is now ready to serve! You can serve it both cold by putting it in the fridge or directly warm from the oven!



An easy and delicious meal to share with friends!

Serving size: 2-4


A bag of nacho chips

2 chicken fillets

2 bags of 500 g mozzarella

1 bag of taco mix (seasoning for the chicken)

2 dl of sour creme (as topping)

2 dl of guacamole (as topping)

A red bell pepper


1. Slice the chicken fillets and the red bell pepper

2. Fry the small pieces of chicken fillets and season the chicken

3. Add the sliced red bell pepper to the pan

4. Get a baking dish

5.fill the bottom with nachochips

6. Add the chicken mix and later on cheese

7. Repeat #5 and #6 two times

8. Put in the oven at 275 Celsius until the cheese has melted

9. Put the sour creme and guacamole on the top

10. Ready to serve!



This is our delicious dish with chicken, noodles and red bell peppers. It is an easy 20 minutes dish when you come home late and are starving.

Serving size: 2


2 chicken fillets,

2 packages of noodles,

1 red bell pepper,

1 table spoon of soy sauce,

Season with salt and peppar,

Olive oil for frying the chicken.


1. Slice the chicken fillets and red bell peppers into smaller pieces.

2 Fry the small pieces of chicken fillets and season the chicken

3 Start cooking the noodles

4 Add the red bell peppers into the frying pan

5 When everything is cooked mix everything in a bowl and add the soy sauce.

6 Ready to serve!