Fabric Tray

Great for organizing fabrics, or even holding things like jewelry or art supplies!

This fabric tray is a great sewing project for kids AND adults. It's pretty simple also. There are 2 different ways to do this. The first is a little simpler than the second. I will explain the simpler version first. So first things first, you're going to need to measure how big you want you're tray to be. Once you've decided, you need 2 different pieces of fabric. You will also need a piece of badding. Cut each piece the same size, then put the badding in between the 2 pieces of fabric. Make sure the fabric is good side up. (For those of you who didn't read my first blog, the good side is the side of the fabric is the side that you want to see. The bad side is the side that is a little more light and colorless.) Take a measuring slab and measure 3 cm out from each side. Use a fabric marker and draw a line along the measuring slab. Repeat on each side and your almost done. There should be a tiny little square in each corner. Your going to fold each square into a triangle and sew along the drawn line. Repeat this step on each corner. Now you have a basic fabric tray!

Now for the more complicated version. It really isn't any more complicated than the basic version. All your going to do is make one piece of fabric in strips. Your going to take 5-7 small strips and sew them together. Take two of your strips and put them good sides together, then sew them together on one side. Open it up and iron it. Repeat this step on all of your strips. Sew all of your strips and your done! Now you have to sew everything else together and fallow the steps on my first paragraph. Now you have a beautiful fabric tray!