Cute Fluff Pillow

Perfect or long car trips and sleepover parties!

Making a Fluff Pillow is as easy as 1 2 3. First you pick 2 different patterns that you like, and that kind of match. Then, cut he 2 pieces of fabric into the same shape and size you like. Circles, squares, rectangles, hearts and stars are some examples. Once you have your shapes cut out, you are going to have to have both pieces facing each other with the bad side showing. So put both pieces good side together. (The good side is the side of the fabric you want to see, the bad side is the side that is a little bit faded and the side you don't want to see.) Now you will have to sew the outside edge f the pillow. Weather yo are using  sewing machine or hand sewing, the same thing a ply's for both. Start at the top,  the sew your way around the edge until you get about 2 inches away from where you started. You want to leave a little open spot so you can turn it inside out. Speaking of, once you finish you turn it inside out. All that's left now is to stuff your pillow and sew up the open patch at the top. If you were sewing on a sewing on a sewing machine in the beginning,it would be much easier to hand sew the patch closed. Once you've patched it up, you've made a Fluff Pillow!