I realised I'm not cut out for the corporate working environment this week. Although many wouldn't consider healthcare as being corporate, but unfortunately it is.

It's run by those with very direct, one sided goals which on a level, I understand.

They're responsible for making the business work smoothy, keeping us in jobs and turning a profit at the end of the day.

However, what would you compromise to achieve such goals?

Empathy? Kindness? Consideration? Duty? Integrity?

Do you turn a blind eye to bullying, harassment, unprofessional, disillusioned, stressed out and over worked staff?

Do you ignore your staff when they come to you with concerns, problems, incidents or complaints?

Do you demean or scald them when they try to do the right thing?

Do you only care about meeting targets and boosting productivity?

Do you initiate change without consultation, suggestions and input from your staff?

Do you spend most of your time in meetings when you're short staffed leaving them over whelmed.

I ask these questions as I've encountered them in a place where you would expect the complete opposite. I have come to realise that in some industries productivity is what's important, not those who do the job.

Perception is more important than responsibility. More important than the over worked, disrespected employees who put in the effort to keep the business going on their behalf with no credit or thanks.

It's a shame they don't use their empathy to do or treat others better, but it's not required. It doesn't matter if you don't know them. Easily forgotten.

I would love for people to stand up to such corporations but it's like fighting against a brick wall and who really wants to do that?

I believe we have to take baby steps towards change. In being more vocal in our demands for respect and for our concerns to be heard and taken seriously.

It will take time, but I believe we will get to the point where they will have to become accountable for their inactions.

But until then, what do we or you do...?



Inspiration is such a personal thing.

We take what we need, when we want it. Usually to sooth our minds and souls but most importantly motivate us.

It comes in many forms from a quote, to a sucessful story, a picure, a story with hope or just simply kind words.

Whatever helps, use it!

I love to hear success stories as a pick me up to motivate me or an applicable quote to boost my confidence.

I like to save picture quotes especially, as I can look back on them when I need that doese of motivation and inspiration.

So here in this space I'll leave those little drops of wisdom, inspiration and motivation that inspire me and hopefully inspire you too.