Happy Birthday, The Best, Aaliyah on IG!

Two years ago today October 25, 2017, I created The Best, Aaliyah onInstagram! I've had one or two other IG accounts dedicated to Aaliyah, but this one definitely stuck. I enjoy being able to share my love, obsession, etc of Aaliyah as much as I want and for other fans to enjoy it.

The title of the account came from the meaning of Aaliyah's name.
Aaliyah = "the highest most exalted one, the best" hence the name "the best, Aaliyah". She was/is the embodiment of perfection, humility, uniqueness, strength, originality, and so on.

With the Instagram account, I have aFacebook Group under the same handle (the name changed to match the IG account). In the recent months I've created this blog as well to have more in depth posts on any news regarding Baby Girl.
It's all for the love of Aaliyah.



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