Fake News

Aaliyah music on streaming platforms for 2020 is not true, I repeat, not true.
Sad but true, that’s what’s real, the fact her music is not and looks like won’t ever be available on stream platforms. Yes, her debut album “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” is available. But “One in a Million”, “Aaliyah”, “I Care 4 U” is not.

Why? Barry Hankerson. He is Aaliyah’s uncle, Diane Haughton’s brother. He has the rights to all her music. Blackground records and Barry has been in a lot of scrutiny throughout the years.

Read “The Inexplicable Online Absence of Aaliyah’s Best Music” by Complex

This news is coming from the fake twitter account of Barry Hankerson. It’s a troll on that private account. This is not the first time they posted fake info about releasing Aaliyah’s music, even a Netflix movie! It’s not any help that popular blogs and other social media platforms are posting this news having people believe it, especially fans that aren’t properly educated about Aaliyah’s estate.

The Haughton’s do not own her music rights. Barry Hankerson does and sold some of it to Reservoir Media.

It’s just a big mess and a huge loss to an artist and person (Aaliyah) to not have her music continue on for years to come as we are in this streaming era. The best way to enjoy her music is to find her physical albums online and download them to your phones, etc.



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