Okey guys,
this has been bothoring me for a LONG time..
It's about Chandler and Brianna.
I get it all right? I understand that you guys want to be with him, be the one he loves and so on but giving hate on Brianna and hate her, it doesn't help you at all. How would you feel if you were with Chandler and everytime you go on social media you see how much his fans hate you? You wouldn't like that at all would you? Brianna had to take down her instagram because of all hate from Chandler's fans, why can't you just let Chandler love and be happy with the one HE chooses?

Do you really think Chandler likes it when his FANS hate his girlfriend? I don't think he does and this is not to be mean but to get out MY opinion about this.
I am a BIG fan of Chandler Riggs, and as long as he's happy, then I'm ok with that.

If you hate on Brianna, you won't get a bigger chance to get Chandler or getting Chana back all right? Just accept that Chandler loves this girl, he's happy with her so just live with it becuase hating on them is wrong. It's just wrong.

Yesterday I sw this pic, saying that Brianna and Chandler wouldn't be together if Chan wasn't an actor, I don't think it's true but it's not false either. Briandler met on a cruise,, not a convention and they became friends. That picture said that Brianna only liked Chan because of his famous side but that's not true. Of course, she was a fangirl before but she is in love with him at least I believe so.

So just, everyone who hates on them just stop okey?
Think about if you were with Chan and got all that hate, how would it feel for you?
I understand that you're jealous, and that's fine but don't be mean and hard against these two because of it.
Just accept it , if they arn't meant to last then they will break up, just don't hate on them


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okey guys! I know this is late since a new episode comes up today but I am going to discuss episode 9 No Way Out.

I thought that the beginning was a little boring, I mean I saw the first four minutes before the episode came out ( on youtube) so I knew what it was about so that became kind of boring. But then Rick and the others came and my heart began to beat faster. When Sam stopped in his tracks and didn't move I hated him in that moment. I kind of already knew that Sam would die, I mean it's Sam we're talking about here but when Jessie died oh god I almost cried when I saw Rick's face I mean he was soo heartbroken that it almost broke my heart.

Then when Ron aimed the gun towards Rick my eyes went wide, espically when Michonne came in and killed Ron. I was so relieved since I never liked Ron, why`? yeah well he was an ass to begin with and almost killed Carl so yeah I never liked him.. But then I cried, when I saw Carl...when he looked up

Oh my god I cried, then when he collapsed my heart was beating so fast. I thought he was dead even though I knew he wasn't since he is still alive in the comics. I cried when Rick carried him to the others and when he begged her to save him,, to save his boy I cried. I HATED The ending of the episode, they gave us the worst cliffhanger there is. When Carl's finger took a hold of Rick's and Rick looked at him, my heart stopped and I almost didn't see anything because of tears then it was over. I am so excited to see the next episode tomorrow since I live in a different countery so I can't see the episode until early tomorrow morning which sucks.....

I just hate that it happends so much for Rick at one night, first Jessie's death and then Carl gets shot AGAIN! Carl almost died last time and now it almost happend again.

I hope to see some Carnid in the next episode, to see how Enid reacts to this since she was in this epsiode and sat with the group outisde the house when Carl was unconcious. I ship Carnid so much and hope their romance will grow and that they end up togheter. Maybe Enid will be insteda of Lydia? I sure hope so since I never liked Lydia in the comics. Do you ship Carnid? Do you feel bad for Rick? Did you cry or something when you saw Carl shot? Comment how you reacted <3

Here is a video made by Little Mix that I found from the episode. I hope you'll watch it!



​Okey guys it's only one month and six days left until the new episode of The Walking Dead will come OMG I can't wait! I'm sooo exited <3<3 I hope it will be a lot of Carl Grimes and Daryl Dixon since those are my favorite characters. 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged but I'm starting school on monday and these past days I've been busy but I will try it. 



So, I'm sorry I haven't blogged for awhile, I wasn't home for the weekend and got home late last night so that's why. Um...I won't be able to blog until thursday because I have plans all day; I will try the best I can but I can't garantee that I will,

But here is the videos for today and a few others since I haven't blogged for a few days :)

Video 1: Carl Grimes - Numb (edit by: LoganKirkmanGames

Video 2: (TWD) Rick & Carl - The Way (edit by: Grable424)

Video 3: The Walking Dead - Ready Or Not ( edit by: xHeather360x)

Video 4: (TWD) Rick Grimes - The King (edit by: moraisgkm)



Um...this has nothing to do with the walking dead series um,,,,it's about New Year's Eve.

I'm spending it alone at home, all my friends is going somewhere exept me and I feel alone...it's like no one wants to be with me or something like that. I know it sounds childish but that's how I feel.

So my night is most about watching videos, looking throuhg blogs and listening to music since no one wanted to see me even though I asked them to...my best friend wanted to but she and her family was going away....sometimes I just wanna run to 'my' horse and be with her but I need a car to get there and I don't have a licence so I can'.t...

But I guess that's how it is now...alone. I wans't alone last year. I was with four friends last year and hoped I'd be with them this year too but we're slipping apart..we never speak anymore and it hurts me kinda. But yeah yeah I just had to get this off my chets if you blame me for being selfish now then sure...that's okey but I never judge people and I hate people who judge others because their first impression.

The Walking Dead is saving me this night....but I hope that you guys have a good new year's eve.
Bye until next year...



God whishes, whishes is something ever person has right? Well my wish for this next year is to meet Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs or Andrew Lincoln...but I don't live even close to them so if I'm not on vaccation I can't meet them :( it's sad and yes I do get jelous when I see other girls meeting them but it's okey also since I know that I will meet my idol sometime I just don't know when yet.

But that will always be my wish until it happends: to meet Norman, Chandler or Andrew/Andy

I just hope it will happend someday.... :)

what are your wish? :) I don't judge people soo if you read this and feel comfortable, comment your wish below. :)



Yeha, I just woke up and wanted to say good morning to the people who read my blod <3

Today it's New Year's Eve and then it is about 2 months until TWD new episode comes out! ;D

I will probobly not blog as much when school starts but I will try, just a warnign :D but here comes the three videos for today :D

video 1: Rick Grimes - We Are One (edit by: DawnOfTheWalkingDead)

Video 2: Daryl & Rick - Centuries (edit by: Mikica1010)

Video 3: Carol & Daryl - Just A Dream (edit by: Flowers&Crossbows)



Like I said earlier I'm aware of what this blog is about but I thought I was gonna tell you guys somethings about me but not my name or anything personal but like dreams and stuff.

Well I'm a girl who is in my teens, I live with my family of coruse and that is me, mom, dad and little brother. We have three animals that I love very much. We had four but we put the oldest one down because of sickness :( I'm in High School, junior year and I'm doing pretty good. :)

I love animals, not all animals but most of them. My dream is to have my own hore when I'm older and I would love to have a friesan since that my favorite kind when it comes to horses. I would love to live with one of my best friends in an apartment not far from the stable or something like that :) I love riding and I hope I will afford to have a horse when I move out from home, to have my own friesan would be amazing since they are beautiful and loves to work! I'm more of jumping person than dressage but what I love the most is cantering on a field with my horse. I do take care of a horse two times a week and that horse is amazing and I love her!

Here are som photos on friesans FROM GOOGLE so I do not own them:



​Have you ever thoguht how it would feel to best friends with Norman Reedus? Well I have, a lot of times <3

It's been one of my dreams actually since Norman is soo nice, funny and well handesome, BUT I would not be friends with him because of his fame, BUT because of his personality. I hate people who want' s to know people just because they are famous, that is so low and awful. So if I was gonna know a person it would be because they are nice and funny, not because they are famous. Of course to have a famous person would be great and fun but that would only be a thing in that person's life. So don't be friends with someone just because they are famous be friends because their personality! <3<3



So here is the three videos for today :) um....until the next episode comes out I probobly won't blog so much since there's nothing new to blog about but I WILL give you three videos each day if I remember to do so :)

Video 1: The Waking Dead - All we are (edit by: LoganKirkmanGames)

Video 2: TWD: Carl Grimes - Castle Of Glass (edit by: Messo)

Video 3: Enid & Carl - Paradise (edit by: reylene martinez)