Burgers & Babes

Saturday is here!!!!!!!!

The one day I look forward to from a LONG AF week. My god it has been one hell of a hard one.
Thankfully the gods have brought my favourite meatball back to hang out here for the week 😆

Of course it was for different reason as to why she was here, but at least she got to stay for a bit and catch up over some good ol’ vino..

Catching up with your girlfriends should be an important thing to consider in life. If things go south or you need some good old advice/someone to murder a dirty burger with, who else would you call?

They’re the best support system you have around you. They’re the ones who would put you back in your place and keep you grounded. Without them, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today 😊

Plan for today is to do a huge spring clean sesh here at home, make the most of the sun while I have time before the big week next week - I cannot wait for next weekend!!!!

I also need to do some last minute gift wrapping so it’s all ready to go before we head down to see everyone this Christmas break - Excited AF!! Lucky I managed to keep it small this year as we’ve already spent a bit on the accommodation for Christmas so why not keep it simple. Not sure what the family has planned for the day itself but am looking forward to seeing everyone under one roof again.

I may have a turn driving on the way down to Wellington this year, it’s a 11 hour journey by car dependent on the driver. Might have to go past Huntly before driving on the straight roads of course. I’m sure it will be fine? Fingers crossed 🤞

Then that means I have to sort out my wardrobe for the week - looks like it will be the linen dresses and tube top + short combos this time around. And loads of sunscreen! Like loads.

Keep ya’ll in the loop on what else is happening of course...


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