One week left... It feels so weird, I mean I have been living this life, building this great life here and now I have to leave it. You go through so much and then you have to leave

I remember first day in school, didn't know anybody and didn't know where to sit, and now, here I am, with many friends I would say, friends I really like. It feels weird to think that my actual life isn't here, my "real life" is in Sweden and this experience is just for a short time period. It's so unreal. I don't regret anything, and I won't forget anything. I mean yes, my "real life" is in Sweden. But I really hope that I can stay in contact with some of my best friends from here and ofcourse my family, I really really do. Because I know it is hard but I'm not leaving empty handed, like I have new friends and family for life, and I am coming back, for sure!

I've been really blessed with this experience, not everybody get to do this, get to go across the country by yourself, and by yourself start new bonds with people, people you never met, live with them for 10 monthes. And also meet new friends, go to a new school with 3000 people, and a different language, wow! I know I said it before, but I am really proud of myself.
But I couldn't have done it without being surrounded with so many nice and generous and friendly people.

So, am I happy that I'm going home? Ofcourse I am, it would be strange if I didn't miss my family and friends and all that. But I am for sure gonna miss my life here and all what it comes with.

What have I done the last week? I mean I'm still here and experiencing stuff.

- I have had my last Wednesday, which was really sad. That's always what I look forward to every week, it's where I meet all my friends, and not only learn about God, but also have a lot of fun! We usally play a game, then we have service and then afterwards there is a tradition to go to culvers with friends, which is a fastfoos place. So that's what we did, but we played a different game this time though where we had to knock doors and ask to trade a bean can to something bigger. And the winner was the group with the biggest item.

After the game they all prayed for me because I'm going home soon and everybody was so sweet and me and my friends cried, that just show how close I really have become with them.

- This weekend I sleept over with Brianna from Friday to Sunday. She is moving back to Oregon where she grew up so we had to hangout to the last. We swam in the pool, watched movies, went to doutch Bros, went to a friends birthday dinner thing, which was fun!

- Today, Sunday, Me, Parrish, Chelsea, and Sofia went to the lake early in the morning. It was so beautiful!!! So so beautiful! We were only there for an hour because it took like an hour there, and Chelsea had plans later in the day, but it was fun! It is getting really hot here so it's really not good to be out in the sun too much. Today it was like 40 Cellcius in the sun. But we went home, swam in the pool, had lunch, went and study at a Coffeehouse and then had In and Out for dinner, and now I'm home.

Time just go too fast, I have one week left but I have really fun stuff to look forward too though
1. Phoenix Zoo
2. Goodbye Party
3. Grad party's
4. Slide Rock Sedona(maby)


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So prom happened!!! I am so glad that I went and it couldn't have been more fun. I went with my friends, from left to right we have (second picture) : Lucien, Parrish, Charis, me , Sofia, Grace, Jeremy

They are the best and we had so much fun!

So when I woke up Saturday Emily had already started to get ready with her hair. Kelly's sister Amy came and did our hair, Emilys and mine, it turned out really cute! So she stayed to like 3'o clock and then she left, and I did my makeup, dressed and Sofia came, picked me up. We went to Parkers house, which is Jeremy's and Charis's house. We all met up there, and Kelly and Eric came with us and their parents. We took pictures, we took a lot of good pretty pictures!

I think that is one of my favorite about prom, to get ready, make yourself pretty, then take pictures and eat dinner and just hangout you know :)

So we had dinner at 5 & dinner, it was kind of funny because non of us knew were we were gonna eat, so we just decided spontaneously. At prom you usually go to a fancy place and eat but we didn't wanna pay to much, which a good choice I think!

Jeremy drove us in his van, so we had our own little party in the car before we arrived to the actual prom destination.

It was really pretty, I didn't take any pictures of the building though but it was like super big castle with a pool and dance floor with DJ.

We got there like 9:45 and then the party started, haha. We danced and had a really good time. Saw some other people from my school, danced with my buddy Reagen and her crew a little bit too.

After prom, 12:00, we went to Parkers house, played some Mario Cart, then another friends house, and then Me and Parrish crashed at Sofias place.

Woke up, had Dutch bross, went to church, after church had lunch with friends and after we were all so tired but still kind of wanted to hangout so we went to The Parkers and watched movies and chilled.

It was a really good weekend with other words!

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Disneyland was like one and half a week ago, let me tell you about it. It was suuuper fun! Alyssa and Austin picked me and Emily up wednesday night, like 11PM, and then we packed the car with all the pillows and blankets because we were gonna have to sleep in the car, while Austin drove. We started talking and listening on music but then we realisted that we had to sleep so me and Emily put our head to the window and we slept for a while. I woke up after a couple of hours. Alyssa and Austin had been awake the whole time, but we stopped at the starbucks parking lot for about three hours, and then everybody got some sleep. It was a little bit crazy but we made it through the whole day, so that was good. But anyways, when we woke up at the parking lot we had starbucks breakfast, then went to disneyland. We walked in, and it was so fun. You could here the classic disney music and the feeling you get when you're there. This was my first time remembering it. I was there when I was baby, but I don't remember. However, we took pictures, walked around. Went on rides.

Disney land is really a place you could go to many times and everytime you see something new. I really enjoyed it!

Suprised me, Alyssa and Austin had bought me and Emily Adventure tickets too and it really was so surprising! And fun ofcourse!! So after a while at Disneyland we went to adventures where there's more rides and stuff like that, and for more older kids/people. Disneyland is more nice rides and more the whole "disney world" feeling.

We had lunch, hamburgers! While we were watching a starwars sketch infront of us, with volunteers kids, haha!

Then we had dinner at a place where everyone could have different things. I had asian food, Emily Alyssa had Mexican and Austin had some breed thing with soup in it.

At night we watched the parade, we saw so many different disney figures and I could recognize everyone! After that, at 9 a clock we saw the fireworks and it was sooo beautiful and pretty! They played different music to every firework thing, and it was really cool! I didn't expect it like that! We met some nice people, a family with so cute girls who danced while they watched the parade and it was so adorable! (We had icecream and cookies during the parade)

• Space Mountain
• California Screaming
• Radiator Spring Racers
• Town of terror

We went back after the fireworks and stayed over the night at a hotel. We all fell asleep so fast when we got there because we were so tired. We had breakfast buffet and then we drove back. It was a great trip and I am so thanksful and so happy that they took me there. Thank you Alyssa and Austin! And Thanksyou Kelly and Eric for paying !!! You are the best!!



How crazy??! One more thing on my top list to look forward to before I leave!

Alyssa and Austin was already going and because I've never been there they wanted to take me, because it's there favorite place.

So Kelly is paying because she's wordsbest, so yeah I can't believe it. I just founded out and I'm so excited. We're leaving on thursday night so I'm going to miss school, but Disneyland is way more important!!! Here we go California for the fifth time!!!!!

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Top thirteen thing I'll miss when I leave:
• My family
• My friends
• Church with all the things included
• Kelly's salsa
• Tortillas, how soft and yummy they are
• Short way to school
• Don't have much homework
• Have a big family, with all the get together and partys
• The weather
• Chick'A'File (Plus all my other favorite places like Chipotle, Panda Express, Pay Way, AJ's, Tacobell, and Cafe Rio)
• How friendly random people are
• My ceremics class
• Soft cookies

Top 3 things I have to look forward to before I leave
• Prom
• Out of Africa
• See the Graduation, how all that works

The first 3 things I'm going to do when I get back to Sweden
• Hug everyone
• Eat my favorite cheap super yummy sushi
• Take the bus :D Just because I miss the bus so much I'm just gonna go somewhere random

Top three favorite people I'll miss when I go home
• Hahah you really though I was gonna answer that.. Lol... EVERYONE!!

Top six things I've learn and will take back with me to Sweden
My super good american-accent english.. Hahah lol
• How important family is
• How much it sucks to not have friends and how lonley you can feel, so when someone is new or don't have friends, talk with them and be there friend :)
• Be independent and all that stuff
• How to french Braid...
• Read english books ;) ( 4 so far!!!!!? ) Pretty proud, because I hate to read and I never read so that's a big thing for me

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How could I not just be so happy right now. My favorite state, with the best senior girls I know of. My forth time and it was a blast. I feel like I could never get tierd of California. The first time I was in California was last summer, when we went for Emily's soccer game and my family and I went to the beach and watch Emily play soccer, that was in Laguna beach. Then six flags with church and after that with my family and now here we are again, and this time I went to New Port beach, which is super big and it was crazy fun.

It was only for a weekend, so we drove there six hours, came there and everyone slept immediately, then we woke up, ate breakfast buffet and went straight to the beach. We played beach games, as frisbee, and the rest I don't know what they are called but they were really fun! Some of us also swam in the water, but it was kind of cold so I don't know if I would call it swim.

We ate lunch at the beach, took a loooot of pictures of course and walked around. I bought a shirt, because it will probably be my last time in California before I leave. We also had some icecream and donuts.

Then after the beach we had dinner where we ordered big plates for like five people each so we all shared which was awesome and so yummy. The waitress looked like one of the senior guys so we joked that it was his long lost brother, so we laughed and had a lot fun with that. Aaagh I'm gonna miss this group of people so much and I know how lucky I am who got to go in this trip and really hangout really closely with everyone.

After dinner we went home, had a short meeting and played games. I shared room with Grace and the other girls, Naiomi, Parrish and Nicole shared room.

Then we woke up sunday, had breakfast, lunch at the hotel, played some games until it was time to leave for our trip home and yeah, that was pretty much it.

It was short and time went by so fast, but it was worth all the car driving and actually that was one of the best part, sitting in the car with everyone and having fun and just be together. We had our personal DJ Gracen who was one of the leaders, who played songs for us and we all knew them so we sang along.

Enyoy the pictures!! A lot of the pictures my friend Parrish who was on the trip took with her fancy camera, so credit to her!

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Yepp, not very long time left! 56 Days. It feels so weird. It feels like I've been here so long, but at the same time not. I don't now.. Haha.

This weekend it was easter so that was fun! Went to church sunday morning and after church we had family over and had a easter party! Always good to be with everyone, they're sooo great!

Except for Easter, I went to the movies with Miranda. And I've been in school ofcourse, but that's pretty much what I've been doing.

See you in a week, hej-svejs !

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So, my family was here, they were here for two weeks but it felt like one day. Time just fllyed by and wips, they are gone. But we had a blast! It was so fun for me to show them my family here and everything I gone through, and Arizona is so different from Sweden. But also show them who I spent the past 8 months with and show them how my life is here. It couldn’t have been more fun! It’s incredible to be so blessed with not just my Swedish family, but my American family too and get them to meet, my two absolute favorite family. I just love them so much, both of them, and without either one of them I couldn’t have done this year, they made my year so much easier and so much more fun and memorable.

So how did we spend the two weeks they were here? Yepp, two weeks which means two weeks of spring break for me! Yay! Haha!

Wednesday, I met them at the airport, me and Eric went to the airport and drove around and barely had no idea where they were, but after an hour almost we saw them in the line for the buss and it was just a matter of seconds, and they would have walked on that bus to get the rent car and it would have taken more time. However, I saw them, jumped out the car and ran toward them and with tears in my eyes I hugged my dad back and they saw it was me and we hugged and cried and wow it was the best feeling I ever felt to just hug them and see them, not on Skype on a screen, but in real life. It was amazing, haven’t seen them in so long and now get to see them and be with them, I can’t describe it, no words. After we hugged for a few minutes, my sister went with Eric because she didn’t feel well. The rest of my family and me went on the bus to get to the rent car and to make a short story, we met all up at our house and had a last minute dinner with pizza. It was so fun to see my both favorite families now together, in my kitchen and just get along so well and really have a great time. We laughed, got to know each other a little bit, but my family was very tired from the long trip from Sweden so we went to bed and It felt so weird. I mean to just go to bed and laying next to my sister and knowing that my family was sleeping next door to me. So I couldn’t sleep because I was so emotional and happy so I crawled down next to mum for a while and just hugged her.

The next day, Thursday, I went to school, because I knew they would sleep in because of the time shifting. But I got out of school a little bit early and we before we went out for lunch with my family and Kelly we had a round tour in my school, around my school and it was so fun and meant a lot for specially my dad, who went there when he was my age, for a year as an exchange student. After that we went for lunch and then we went horseback riding. It was my second time, and it was so fun! Specially for them to more of the desert and all. They got a bigger picture of it.

The day after, Friday, we had dinner at Ken and Jeanette house, they are a couple who visited us in Sweden before I got here. So it was Ramsland and Gardefelt and the napkins on the table were the Swedish flag, they got it from their trip when they were in Sweden, how fun! Haha! We ate yummy dinner, played a tree-game and I almost won over everyone but then when I was super happy of course Austin has to come and ruin everything had get three more point than me. Haha! Kidding, it was funny! We had a really good time!

Next day, Saturday, it was family dinner and Kelly and Eric had everybody over and we were 36 people and it felt so fun for my Swedish family to meet everyone! Because I meet them so often and they all are a huge part of why my time here have been so fun, because all the family. So we had dinner, played games and talked and took a lot of pictures. Of course you want to save the moment! As you can see I have a loooot of picture over only two weeks, well it’s fun to have and see. In the morning the same day we went hiking and it was cool for them to see a bigger picture of the desert and all the cactuses and and we got a nice walk to that really was awesome!

We went to church on Sunday and I keep saying fun, so I’m changing to the word enjoyable and we had a great time. We went to high-school group and they got to meet my friends and then we went to big church and a sat with my family. After church we went out for lunch, with Bret and his two cuties for kids.

Sunday for the last day before our trip, yepp we went away for 8 days, first we went to

  • Sedona, the Sedona mountains are amazing and they are red and the desert is beautiful to so we went there for not so long because we were heading to
  • Grand Canyon, it was the first time for me. We didn’t really expect it to be so cold, but it was and my sister doesn’t like that very much haha. But we all enjoyed it so much and Grand Canyon is hard to not be fascinated of and it was so cool and fun to see that, because I have it as a screen picture on my computer and everyday I think of, that I need to go there and now I finally did. We also met a nice family who was on a roadtrip around U.S and went to different churches and sang there so they sang for us with Grand Canyon as a background and wow it was really touching.
  • Hoover Dam, Eric had told us to go to Hoover Dam on our way to Las vegas so we did and everyone thought it was beautiful. The story behind it is also really incredible so to see that, ment alot.
  • Las Vegas, I actually had really high expectations and was really excited to see it and I heard so much about Vegas, but it didn’t really live up to my expectations. I mean the first day was like wow! This is so cool and awesome and everything is so big, and crazy. The hotel we stayed on was also really nice and exclusive and cool. But in Vegas the second day I’d just seen it all already it felt like. So I just took advantages that my family was there and of course I did that the whole trip, because we could have been anywhere I would have loved it because I was with my family. But don’t think wrong, I liked Vegas and it was cool, just not very personal. We went to a magic show where my sister went up on stage and we had a good time. We also laid  by the pool on our hotel and for my sister that was enough for her, just laying and get tan. We actually had a competition about who can get the most tanned, who won is still not clear but I would say her, she is an amazing tanner, haha! I guess you have to take advantage of the sun when you finally get it, because they get home to snowy Sweden while I’m still living the dream, with 40 Celsius :)
  • Los Angeles, Los Angeles I didn’t see much of. We came there at dinner time and stayed at a hotel with a small room, all smushed together. It was really cozy actually! Haha, we had bagels for breakfast, but why we drove to Los Angeles were mostly because of Universal Studios. I loooved Universal Studio. It was me and my sibling who went, while my parents did there own thing for the day. It was so fun and we got to do different rides, 3D rides and went to a show called Special Effects which were also cool and the tour to see where different famous movies been recorded and stages who have been used for different cool scenes,yeah we had a great time with each other. Hanging out while standing in line and eating lunch, their first time at Panda Express. Almost seven a clock Mommy and Daddy picked us up, we went to a hotel and had dinner and yeah it was a super fun day!
  • Newport Beach, Laguna beach, San Diego, We first did Newport beach only for a couple of hours and we saw the beach for the first time on the trip and it was warmer than the other states we’d been to so far (except Arizona) so that we were happy about. We had breakfast there and then we went for Laguna beach for an hours, just walking around and took some pictures. Then San Diego, which we stayed at a hotel over the night. It was on the beach and it was so beautiful. We shared room and it was fun. Me and my dad wanted to take picture on the beach so we put on our swimsuit and swam a little bit (barely) and we got some great pictures. We had taco for lunch, we went to and awesome restaurant for dinner, which we also went to for lunch the next day. From San Diego it takes 6 hours to Arizona, Tempe so we drove three hours to Yuma to have a shorter trip the next day. We had Red Lobster which was delicious and they had really good, yummy scones which we all loved. The next day we drove, had taco bell for lunch, don’t judge me! Haha kidding, I actually love taco bell but everyone in my family is so healthy so when I told them that we went to taco bell they laughed and said “you took them to taco bell, Teeeesss!” Haha, it was funny. But actually they took me……
  • Arizona, Tempe, final days, We had a sooo yummy dinner at our house with family and had good conversations and just enjoyed the last dinner together. It was so fun, and so delicious, they made us an really good dinner!!

The next day, the last day, I tried to spend so much time I could with them. We went shopping Arizona Shirt, and we had In and Out, and we tanned, or my sibling tanned because it was the last day they “köttade” which you would say in Swedish :)

To say Goodbye to my family was sad, of course. I missed them for so long and now have to say goodbye, again! It sucked, but I’ll see them in two months and I have to be careful of my time I have left here because I know how much I will miss everything. But of course it was sad, and the day after I felt so empty but you know, you have to come in it again and be in your American life again. So now It feels better, four days after. But I miss them, but fortunately I have my sweet and great American family here with me and I’ll try to make the most out of it as long I have left, because I know how times flies.

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Hillsong ~

It was amazing!! Truly amazing!! My family plus the Wadsworths and grandma, grandpa and Kellys sister plus her husband went to Hillsong concert Monday, and it was soo magic! There's was so many people there, as you can see on the pictures, and there was people behind us too. The concert was almost 4 hours long. For you who don't know whay Hillsong is, it's a Christian band / Church. So we sang Christian songs and the band also talked about God, so we preached a little bit too. But yeah it was super fun, and we had dinner there aswell. Yey! Had been looking forward for a long time so it was fun to finally get to experience it and see it.

Besides Hillsong what have I done?

Sleepover with Allison and Lanie, which was so cozy and fun. They are two of my best friends here and it's always fun to hangout with them. We went to a coffee place, watched a movie and talked and laughed alot.

I hangout with Charis, she's from church. We had Bahamabucks which is a milkshake/ shaved ice place. It was soo good! And after we picked up her sister Kendra from Volleyball practise, I ran into my hostbrother Jeremy and Austin Alyssas husband at the gym, because they work there. So yeah that was Thursday.

I dyed my hair! Yepp? I went to the hairsalong yesterday and sat there for three hours. We had to blech my hair because I wanted it more blonde. I know, it's not good for the hair but I really want it more blonde so yepp. The first time I dyed my hair at a hairsalong, because home in Sweden my friends always dye my hair, so yeah fun, but ofcourse it's more expensive but definitely more safe, specially when I wanted it more blonde. It was fun because Kelly knew my hairdresser so she stayed even though the hairsalong closed and she took my home. Super sweet lady!

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Have I done alot since we met or have I just taken alot of pictures? The answer is unclear..Haha heey everybody!

Highlights since I wrote

Valentine/volunteering-dinner. It was super fun! It was a Valentine thing at church for couples and me and some friends from church volunteered and for doing that we got to eat the dinner they had there which was super delicious. There was a guy who sang Elvis Presley songs, interviews with couples on stage, and jummy dinner. And the decoration, wow it looked so pretty! Kelly had helped with that and she is absolutly great so she made everything looking so cute. We helped serving, cleaning and stuff like that.

Quit track...yepp, my shinsplints hurted so much and for me it wasn't worth it so I quit, and I feel good about it. I only did it one week, so I'm getting all the money back, but hey, I got a free shirt ! :)

Packed foods for starving kids, that we did today. It was so much, wow It really was touching to listen to the stories about kids who's starving and how much they need us and the organization and everything. So yeah we helped with packing food, and it was super fun to be with family too.

Big family lunches and dinners, we go out very often, and our family is big, very big, I love it! So yeah we have been going out alot and with different people and yesterday we went out to Texas Roadhouse and it was D E L I C I O U S! Haha but yeah, I'm never bored when I am hanging out with family, I'm so blessed, So so so blessed! Gonna be so much fun for them to meet my family in Sweden!

It's crazy that it's only 3 monthes left and then I'm going back. But that's not the end, this journey is gonna live with me my hole life aswell as this new amazing American family.

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