I've had lots, and lots of blogs. But never did I ever think of getting one that's not only about me and my spare time. The thought hit me like one or two weeks ago, that I would make a blog for teenagers, made by a teenager. But then when I thought more of it, I decided that I don't only want it to be about teenagers. No. I want it to contain stuff that you as a teenager would think is fun/interesting to read.

More than half of my Instagram followers speak English, or at least are able to understand it, and that's why I decided to make this blog in English.
Probably the majority of my readers will come from Instagram too, and that's also a reason why I should make this in English.

I thought I would make a list of stuff that this blog will contain.

List of things that this blog will contain:

} Music tips
} Move tips
} Thoughts
} Opinions
} A lot of me ranting
} random stuff
} idk really

Btw, tomorrow I get to meet a person I miss really much, who lives quite a bit away.