Really nice headphones.

Clean designnice colors. They fit perfect in the ears and they never fall out. The sound is very good and clean. They shut out almost every sound from the surrounding. Perfect for both music and podcasts.

+ Good clear Sound.

+ Sleek & clean Design|Not to small and either big.

+- The Price 59$

+- little lack of bass in higher volyme but other then that its an good base!.

Technical Spec

  • Frequency response: 16Hz – 24KHz
  • Impedance: 16Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 101dB (+/- 3db)
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 0.5%
  • Noise attenuation: up to 26dB
  • Titanium coated 8mm mylar driver
  • 5mm gold-plated jack plug
  • 7N OFC cable, lenght: 1.2m

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1. Reeven Coldwing 12 Silent Performance 120mm FAN with Sleeved cable 4-pin connector.

Specs are :

Fan Speed (RPM) 300-1500

Air Flow (CFM) 16.6~82.1cfm

Static Pressure (inch H2O) 0.003~0.067

Noise Level (dBA) 4.0~29.8

Current (A) 0.25

One Feature the Fan has and that is Auto shutdown/restart.

Tips : The fan is perfect for adding on an radiator,becuse it has high cfm,

2. REEVEN Coldwing 14 Silent Performance 140mm with sleeved cable ,3-pin connector.

Specs are : Fan Speed

(RPM) 1700RPM

Air Flow (CFM) 92.4

Static Pressure (inch H2O) 0.091

Noise Level (dBA) 36.4dba

Current (A) 0,25

Tips : If you has an bigger case it would fit perfect in the front if you have space for 2 of them! ,even if its only 3-pin connector you can adjust in bios or an 3th party program.

Reeven Coldwing 12 Silent 120mm fan ,sleeved cable 3-pin connector.

Fan dimension: (W)120 x (H)120 x (D)25mm

Bearing Type : sleeve bearing

MTTF: 30.000hrs

Voltage: 12V

Weight: 155g

Auto shutdown/restart

Fan Speed (RPM) 2000

Air Flow (CFM) 106.7

Static Pressure

(inch H2O) 0.114

Noise Level

(dBA) 36.6dba


(A) 0,38

an perfect radiator fan with very high cfm ,static pressure one that would fit perfect if you gonna make an custum build and need to transfer the heat away!.



Jag har testat Mission SG GGK 3,5 RGB i ett antal veckor och kommer med ett positivt omdöme!

Tangentbordet har en robust konstruktion av metall och plast men även en bra tyngd.

Paradnumret är så klart RGB-Belysning som sprider det tydliga ljuset på den silvriga ytan.

Man kan välja mellan olika RGB Modes FN+F1-F2-F3-F4-F5 : tex vågor, flimra, blinka, mfl.

Eller FM+F6+ Vänster pil ---> så lyser det från vänster till höger eller Pill upp/pill ner

Tangentbordet har gummifötter som håller tangentbordet på plats vid hala ytor.

Fördelar & Nackdelar.

+ Bra RGB-belysning.

+ Ergonomiskt tangentbord.

+ Magnetiskt Handledsstöd.

+ Inbyggd USB-port (bakom Scrl Lock)

+ Dubbel USB kablar.

- Medföljande Programvara med lite lackande design.

- Låter konstigt om man råkar trycka ner tangenten ända ner i botten.

Övrigt: Rekommenderas!.

Pris I butik 1090:- Hos NetOnNet




Keychain cable - convenient Click-To-Go micro-USB cable included for charging the CasePower 5700 or recharging a number of compatible smart devices.

Two USB-ports - for charging two devices simultaneously.

"ICP Enhanced Technology." This stands for Intelligent Charging and Protection and it is an aspect of the product we take very seriously. When it comes to performance and safety, one can never be too diligent.

Design :

Compact design - small and sleek design makes it easy to carry.

What's Included?
-The PowerBank - 5700 MAh - Blue Color
-Micro USB Wire
-Micro USB key Chain Wire

- Manual


high performance backup battery you can charge close to 2 times if you has an 6,44" mobile like me (Sony Z ultra)

Made In Sweden!

Cons: easy getting dirty.

Other : Recommending This product!.
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Mathblack colour and little sliver,sleek & clean design.
Over-Ear Size memmory Cushions.

3,5mm multi controll
Powercable to charge the headphone
User Manual Multi language
Softbag protect for traveling

Good Sound at higher volyme!.
3-step kontroll on Headphone : play/stop|Forward|Backwards.
Long Battery life!
passiv mode with 3,5mm cable!.
Weight (239g)
Up to 19hours in battery life.

Cons : None!.

Other : Recommending This product!.
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Good design with handle & 2wheels
Matching silver & Chrome details.

User Manual Multi language

The Portable sound system has :
USB input
SD card reader
AUX input
Line output
Guitar input
MIC input
Equalizer : +0 -+8 : -0-08
Good Sound at higher volyme!.

little weak bass with low volyme.

Other : Recommending This product!.
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Nicely built , delicious and well-functioning
Multifunction button (volume , play, pause, answer)
14 hours of battery life at full volume

Headphone XTZ Divine is a very successful headphones
Nicely builtdelicious and well-function


Airplane adapter & 6,3mm adapter 

Soft bag to protect the headphone while traveling.

an manual for the headphone button.

The sound with the XTZ app to tweak the sound,like bas boost,bright etc.
With the app you can reach astoundingly high purely aurally,
here we end up simply in a class that is far above the price

Thin headband

small ear cover.
missing Noise Cancelling

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The MA750i look and feel fantastic, The earphone heads very well made.

Extremely comfortable and with various ear tips you can fix your favorit.

Elsewhere you get stainless steel parts, and a three-button inline remote/microphone for Apple iOS devices.

The cable is thick and strong, with the plug end reinforced with a spring, an nice feature.



The 560.1 drivers,designed to deliver a clear and natural sound with good bass.

The over-ear system works good.


RHA delivered a fantastic in-ear headphone experience,And they are superb value for money.


high premium quality for the price range ,an sweet spot on this earphone.

Accessories with plenty of ear tips in various sizes and forms an nice ide`a.

Perfect fit up to go over the top of your ears.

The case is a nice extra bonus to protect your earphone and earbuds while traveling.

T-shirt clip to hold the cable in place.

3-Years Warranty.



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Jays U-Jays Svart/Svart för Android,finns även till IOS & Windows också.

+ Balanserat och klart ljud och inte allt för djup bas.

+ Utbytbar kabel och "öronmuffar"

+Stereo kabel med 3 knappar och mic för inkommande samtal.

+ bra komfort,även vid längre musiklyssning.

+ 2års Garanti

+ lätta hörlurar på endast 224 gram

- Priset lite högt,finns inget annat att anmärka på.

Medföljande tillbehör Stereokabel(1,35 meter) och en förvaringspåse och Manual med 10spåk : English, Swedish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese