Text messages are formatted to be read by the source mobile device causing problems when attempting to print one or more of the files. App to print text messages from iPhone messages are sent and received using any given short message service (SMS), and the data is normally stored only on the devices on which the messages were originally sent and received. However, it is possible to extract this data in a usable and printable format.


The easiest platform for text message printing is Android. Download the free SMS to text application by SMS EasyReader&Printer and export the favorite text messages and SMS to .txt format. This format can be read and in print by most PC. Once converted, connect the device to the computer you want, or simply use a wireless printer and print the messages directly over a wireless connection.

App To Print Text Messages From iPhone

When using an iPhone, it requires a somewhat more complex method to save and print text messages. Download SMS EasyReader&Printer - or any other similar program, such as iPhone SMS Transfer Utility or iPhone SMS Transfer - to your computer, and connect your iPhone. Export and save text messages to a printable format, such as .txt or.PDF. Using standard printing methods print the files directly from the computer they were exported to.

Other Smartphones And Platforms

Other platforms - such as BlackBerry, Windows or basic devices - require specific methodology depending on the device model. The overall process is fairly consistent. Locate and download an installed program to export text messages from your specific device in a printable format. Once transferred, use any ideal printing method to print the messages. Always be careful to research a program before installing it by downloading any software that accesses the internal memory of a device to avoid spyware or other malicious attacks.

Other Considerations

If a record of the phone numbers that send and receive text messages and when you need more than a real copy of the conversation, contact your local service provider to obtain a complete printed report of the times, dates and phone numbers. Accessing or printing any SMS conversation from a device other than your own account or that of a separate of whom you are the legal guardian can cause serious legal consequences and should never is attempted, regardless of the circumstance or relationship with the person or persons involved.

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In general, the most important resources of business come from files and documents on computer hard disk drives. Inability to access a hard disk drive is a critical disaster for any business, particularly when supports are not accessible.

These days, when a hard disk drive crashes or breaks down, data files and file folders can be restored utilizing modern means. Computer Data Hard Drive recovery is the answer for most models of computers. This software focuses on the ability to restore data files from damaged hard drives. TCS Computers data recovery makes use of unique methods and the latest data recovery software to retrieve your data. In addition, Computer data hard drive recovery specialists to utilize high-tech, non-invasive tools to ensure the best restoration rate of your lost or missing files.

In most cases, the electronic data is still on the hard disk drive, and its recovery requires unique expertise and understanding in data recovery in order to recognize the key files. TCS Computers Data Recovery specialists can securely go through any data storage device, system or network to retrieve files and documents, and find out if your data files have been corrupted, tampered or damaged. Data specialists can retrieve data, documents, numbers, keywords, phrases, etc. and find out when data files were accessed. Thus they can verify any illicit use of one’s personal information. TCS Computers Data Recovery is also applicable to data storage tools that have been damaged by water or fire. This service can retrieve files from corrupted or damaged computers of any manufacturer, including Dell, Unisys, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Compaq, Fujitsu, HP, Axiom, Apple, Hitachi, Panasonic, NEC, Toshiba, Samsung, IBM, Sony and much more.

Here is a list of what is possible in TCS Computers Data Recovery:

  • Retrieval of erased hard drive documents.
  • Data restoration after a hard drive has been re-partitioned or reformatted.
  • A variety of encrypted files cases that can be encrypted.
  • Information on websites that have been visited.
  • Description of data files that have been installed on the computer.
  • Description when the last access to files and documents was.
  • Logs of faxes sent or received on a computer.
  • Restoration of email messages and attachments previously erased.
  • Retrieval of financial files and records.

Hard Drive Data Recovery for Any Circumstances

- Reasonable Computer Hard Drive Recovery:

The hard drive that is physically working but data and files cannot be accessed because of virus attack, file deletion, lost partitions, unintentional data reformat, corruption or software malfunction.

- Physical Computer Hard Drive Recovery:

Hard drives with physical crashes, mechanical breakdown or tampered PCB board. These drives need to be examined immediately to restore data and files easily.

- Natural Disaster Computer Hard Drive Recovery:

Computer hard drives that have undergone a natural disaster, including hurricane, fire, tornado, lightning strikes, earthquake or flood. In the case of flood, your data can certainly be restored. Even though your hard drive has been totally immersed for a long period, it still possible to revive information and data files .