Many a time you would feel like cursing your luck when you end up with a leaky roof. The real problem may lie elsewhere. Merely trying to plug the leak on the ceiling would not be enough. You would have to contact the structural engineer who would do a thorough building inspection and arrive at the exact location of the leak.

You would see that the source of the leak can be at quite a distance from the place of the actual leak. This is because water will try to find its own way out. It would go into the crevices and emerge from the most vulnerable part of the construction. Therefore, you would have to follow the trail of the water and plug every area. Otherwise, you would not be able to stop the leakage. If the construction were weak at that particular point, a leak from somewhere else too would find its way to the vulnerable point. The building engineering team does their investigations from the reverse. This can help them to find the leak faster.

By getting to the root of the problem, they ensure that they solve the issue completely. This ensures that there would not be any further leakage as such. This dedication towards their work has impressed the insurance companies. Hence, you would find many insurance companies having such structural engineers on their radar when it comes to assessing the damage caused to the houses for which the owners would have lodged their claims.

This assignment would require engineering consultations of the highest order. This is because the damage could be for a separate reason altogether. Under such circumstances, the owners would not be eligible for the claim. This job would require the structural engineers to do a property condition assessment and submit their confidential report.

The property owners could also hire these engineers to do the evaluation of the building for them. This would be essential when you venture to purchase your own house. In the case of a readymade building, it is always beneficial to conduct the inspection before completing the purchase deal. This would give you a clear picture of the property. You would have the option of carrying out the repairs and modifications in advance. The same applies when you offer your property for sale. It would not be fair to sell a property with any kind of deficiency without informing the buyer. It would be better if you could do the repair job and then sell the house.

The structural engineer is a useful person to have whenever there is any question about repairs, renovations, and evaluation of the property. He would also be of tremendous assistance in drawing the detailed sketches and plans for the construction of the building. The local contractors and the usual home inspectors can suggest the same as well. However, it should come from the mouth of the expert alone. That would lend a great degree of credibility to the statement. Therefore, you should be in constant touch with the structural engineers at all times.


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