In our modern society it’s almost impossible to not know about something supernatural. It’s everywhere on the media from books to movies and television series. Almost like we are prone to get some scare in to our system.

Of course there are those that absolutely do not believe in such “non-sense”. Are they wrong or are they just too self assured to believe in ghosts or demons or other creatures that are usually only mentioned in books and, like I said before, movies. Or are they afraid of what might come up if they give it the chance to be real?

Let’s start with the very first supernatural thing/things us humans ever faced and started to believe in: god or gods. It was easy. Something so big and yet so far away.

If you were to ask my old religion teacher, she’d say that God was born from the need to have an explanation to the things that it was basically impossible to find answers otherwise. I think it was easy and that she was probably right, we need to have an explanation to so many things. Although Christianity wasn’t the first religion ever it does have a pretty good saying that is a clear evidence of our primal need for an answer there where it is not available: “God works in mysterious ways”.

Next up when you think of the supernatural you get all these images of ghosts in your head (at least I do). Or if you are more about Supernatural (tv show) then you’ll probably think about Dean or Sam Winchester. Which is cool, since it’s a quite interesting series. Where I am going with this is that pop culture has adopted many of those old myths and stories that were once told through generations.

After all this fuzz we have those who can or at least claim to be able to work with the supernatural. I, myself, have always fantasied about being able to do those things but accepted my mortality and how normal I actually am when it comes to that. I cannot think of any of my friends that would truly without any jokes or any sarcasm believe in something invisible or at least something that lures in the shadows. It’s a proof of our lack of imagination, some call it growing up.

For me, I don’t know. There is so much that we have no study or scientific knowledge about so I don’t see why we couldn’t believe in the shadows. Who is to say if believing into something metaphysical is wrong or stupid. Not to believe or refusing to even give the chance for there to be something is quite narrow minded and shows true lack of sight.

I think saving some of our childlike wonder does some good to us. Surely you mustn’t fear or live by your beliefs like a child but maybe you can just shrug and smile when something unexplainable happens and state it to be the work of faeries or something else. I doubt this makes any more difference than a fly might do to a cow but maybe it's just to convince ourselves that there is more to this world than we see.



Is passion and an idea enough? Do we need something else than just the ability to convince others of our own point of view and values?

I'm going to answer "no". I don't think we need anything else than just an idea and trust, hope and determination to make it reality.

Did you want baby carrots before they were presented to you? If you did you must be more insightful than most of the people around here. Those were on of the few things that just came up and started selling.

I have always loved everything creative and during my few years on this planet we call Earth, I have collected more and more ways of expressing myself and my thoughts. It started with a pen, extended to clay and other art equipment. Then I found singing but I sucked at it so I left it aside and found novels, then poetry and then novels again. I came back to singing just few months ago when I realized that I actually have pretty decent voice if I just give it a go and sing.
I've always loved art, music and literature. Kind of the "introvert starter pack", right? I have always created my social connections based on my intuition on people. I could tell when the person was worth my time and when they weren't. 90% of time I was right and that has always been enough for me. Sure I have on few cases changed my mind for better or for worse.

I feel like the modern society expects us to have all figured out and more often than seldom the idea that we harvest has to be very conservative, as in being normal and sound like anyone could’ve come up with it and that, for me at least, is suffocating. Although I might have gotten really bad cards since I can be quite the control freak from time to time compared to my sort of wild child kind of nature. I manage with what I have.

The fact that people want us to have clear and safe ideas is mostly to protect us. The thing is that most of the people whom demand us to show exactly how to go, are often inside-the-box-types. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that kind of thinking and it can help you go far.

If you wish to go further and truly leave your mark on the world and make a difference, stick with thinking outside of the box. Experience, try and evolve. Our society needs individuals thinking outside the box. The geniuses that you know like Da Vinci, Steve Jobs and J. K. Rowling are the kind of people that have thought outside the box and they are now globally known for their accomplishments.

I think telling children that they have to be certain of what they do and they have to know for sure that the idea won’t fail, is rather harmful. The way that I was taught was to survive failures, that are inevitable in this life. I was taught that from early on and I am forever grateful to my parents for that. It helped me at school: if I got a bad grade or a grade that I wasn’t satisfied with I’d go to the teacher and asked if I could have a chance to raise my grade on that specific exam. If I messed up at some other thing my parents would always encourage me to find the solution myself. That could be frustrating at times but it helped me to vilify.

During my many years of education I have come across many students and even more teachers that have that cropped mindset and perhaps they have always been like that but how can we tell? I believe that every child ever born is born with some sort of fire inside. It appears differently in each of us and maybe that’s why it’s easier to put out in someone. To me those teachers unable to match my fire appeared to my young brain as stiff and boring mass. Grey and unnoticeable. Those few teachers that still had that fire inside them were my favourite ones. They could change the entire energy in the room with only walking in and looking at the people inside. That is the kind of fire that I love. Because it seemed that those people were alive. They had souls.

I have also noticed that the higher you climb in your academics the more personality they harvest. They suddenly bring out their true personality rather than the one, clean and clinical they have been taught to use. That can light the spark in the children that have lost it along the way. The way that teachers with personality makes you feel is something indescribable. It makes the words that they speak mean more. Those heroes need a medal.

I am also pro on the matter that children should go to school at the age of seven. Finnish school system has proved that when a child is seven and starts school, they have grown enough mentally to be actually able to learn and understand properly. I think the way that they work in the USA is harmful for the intellectual growth of the children and can lead to dropping school on a much younger age due to the disgust and lack of willingness to learn. This results into lower educational level and other downsides coming with that. Like major unemployment issues because there is nobody to qualify for the higher positions.

So agreeing that the things you’ll need to be success are an idea, persistence and passion, what else do you need? Is funding a major part of your project and it is crucial for you to get the startup budget. I find that most of our ideas need money. Some of us use banks and other places to have money rather quickly. For me, a girl that has always had everything she needs and more if justified correctly, I find it more glorious and impressive if you work for your money. I’ve always been encouraged to have a summer job and later actual all-around-the-year-job. My parents, strict in their ways of raising me, always had great admiration for hard labor and working to succeed. They both had started from the bottom and by the time I was born they were at managing.

Beside crucial inventions for our society, outside thinkers have shaped our laws and ideals greatly.

In the ancient Greece many of their gods were not heterosexual and had multiple affairs. This made it acceptable for mortals to copy their gods in their ways. This culture was more accepting, safer for those whom gathered romantic feelings for those of the same gender or both genders. It had its freedoms with responsibilities.

This way of thought was buried when Christianity spread from middle east. The more conservative way of thinking replaced this open and accepting community. This new religion replaced older religion with shaming its supporters and promising relief from sins that were earlier seen as virtues.

For decades Christianity has preached for love and acceptance and yet it has burned those at stake whom had not acted upon those rules made up to honor a god. The god has always been said been loving, why aren’t his followers. It has proven to be extremely lethal when people work as spokesmen for someone that doesn’t have a voice of their own. How many extreme believers have beheaded, burned or otherwise killed or harmed innocent people based on their skin colour, religion or sexuality. And yet some governments won’t do a thing.

Different kinds of organized groups of people have often limited the way of thinking and often they have made it impossible for innovative people to think in a way that would benefit humanity. The problem isn’t really the groups but their way of controlling people. Now we don’t talk about how to eat or how to dress, we are talking about making people forget their personalities and completely submit and lose control so that they end up being brainwashed individual with no clear direction except the one ordered for them. We are talking about the cases when that organization has stepped over human rights and formed an individual that is no longer a human.

What if we could leave all this control behind us? Let the governments rule only one law: “Everything is allowed as long as it doesn’t disrespect anybody’s existence”. That only law would exclude all extremes and it’d give people the audacity to think and speak freely yet still protecting everyone. This would be the one law. Simple, unnegotiable and protecting. There wouldn’t be anyone there to corrupt or harass people. Just peace. Those whom wish to study law could look at this one rule from different perspectives. For me, I can’t find any loop holes or places to misunderstand that rule.

In the end it’s after all up to us people with ideas. Ideas of making the world a better place. Making this safer for humans, other species and the Earth itself. We need more of those people to be brave and say their ideas to us and explain that this is I want to do and here is where I start. We need individuals with ideas to stand up regarding of the comments they may get from the people not ready to understand that ideas glory and effectiveness. We need those idealists to tell that this is the way to go, this is the direction we need to move to.

We are desperate for those individuals more than ever. Some may say that climate change isn’t real but I’ve seen its effects with my own two eyes and they are not pretty. Physicists, biologists and mathematicians are amazing people but maybe they lack the authority to convince people to work as they say.

I think we need people whom have way with words or can express emotions with strokes of pencil or pain or we need people with the ability to move us with sound. No matter the way of creativity or passion everyone can have their affect on this world. So instead of praising only artists or people with ability to count and plan our future, we should praise those whom get together and decide that they need each other.

We live here together so why should our success be on one person? Why should there be only the one people whom can save us and make this world a better place? We need individuals with insight but groups with declarations. We need chaos yet order. We need humanity.

Teachers: If you are sacrificing your time to read this, thank you. It means a lot. Just keep in mind not to kill your students spirits if they have them. Not many comes back and says thank you for the job that you have done but still you are the ones that shaped us and made us the way that we are now.

For other adults: If you still have kept your fire or it is coming alive, form it, develop it and when it is presentable show it. There is still place for you. Most of you say that children are the future and sure they are! That still doesn’t mean that your idea is any less valuable than the seven-year-old’s from somewhere. It doesn’t mean either that yours is better. They are equal.

So, in conclusion, to succeed you need and idea, passion, persistence, possibly funding, some bravery and companions. To me that sounds legit. So much of it is inside your head and you are the only one in control there. It’s up to you truly. So why not try out your wings? For once be fearless and unafraid of failure. Show what you are really made of. Show everyone that anyone can do it, show that we can.