When you look past society’s connotation of this phrase, you can find me and many others like me. Self-made, just-for-fun artists who set their passion aside for things that are more “impactful”. But isn’t art important too if it makes your life better? I think so.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ART. Doesn’t matter what it is, you can find it anywhere and everywhere (in all my belongings too). I doodle on everything, turn gifts into DIY opportunities; I am constantly crafting. However, being a full time student-athlete eats away time for my creations. Between the courses, both inside and out (I hope you caught my joke - I play golf) there’s rarely a moment in-between. It has become so much harder to find time (and money) that I can spend on my artistic side. I wasn’t feeding the creative inside me and I quickly became a “starving” artist.

I missed sitting down for hours on the weekend adapting my favorite Pinterest finds into something new and different, feeling proud of my accomplishment. I missed practicing calligraphy, writing the perfectly flourished name, playing with paints, ink, pens, pencils, chalk. Life without art is boring because life itself is art.

I decided to end my colorless life, here, with this blog. I want my page to be a weekly reminder for me as the creator and you as a reader, to spend a little time on something you love. This page will be full of at-home do-it-yourself with what you have projects, updates on my recent creations, art hacks and much more!

John Lennon’s quote “time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time” has never resonated with me more. Maybe you'll let it inspire you as it has me. Instead of thinking of my art as a distraction I’ve decided to allow myself the brainfood and fulfillment from what I enjoy, and I hope you do too.

It is so intimidating to share my ideas and art with the world - so I never did, until now. I can’t wait to start this journey feeding my artistic side and would love if you created with me(:

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