Amy's birthday meal

So a few days ago I found myself at a really lovely pub near pirbright celebrating Amy's 19th late birthday meal . Myself , Amy , Andy , will , dan and a few of Amy's work mates each had a really love dinner followed with a small catch up back at hers . As I'm not drinking at the moment I had to drink orange juice most of the night which was actually quite funny to dan and will seeing as they were on ciders and beer the whole night , however that didn't make any of the night any less fun as to the others who had clearly drunk a bit too much 😂Andy ended up being sick half the night as he has decided to mix drinking straight Malibu for about 4 hours . Which as you probably can guess didn't end too well for him . Most of the night we played a few games such as piccolo , but most of the time we chatted and caught up with what. Every one had been doing the last few months . It was really nice to see will , as once we had both started university we both fell out of contact with eachother :( which was a shame . But once we were put together in the same room it was as if nothing had changed



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