And there he goes, 

Iam often nervous around strangers but certainly Iam not ,

And there he goes,

I love his gental hugs but I hate them coz they just wont let me look into those eyes,

And there​ he goes

Walking away, living me in wondering why I didnt get a kiss this time,

Suddenly I wake up .

Author , Leila Mayanja

Genre , True story

Visual , Cecile Bredie

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What should I name this? I dont know.

What is love? why is it that whenever we fall in love with something , we loose otherthings ?

Why does there have to be that little bit of sorrow in times of love?

Iam not even in love, atleast not what you were thinking.

But why does there have to sorrow in the first place?

Arent we supposed to be happy the fact that we are humans?



That is me, laying on bed, looking at the window direction, staring at... I dont really know. But I must say I love the skies especially if they are adorned with stars, so thats probably what had caught my attention.

Oh wait..this was during day time and to be precise, just 3 hours ago and its now ninteen oclock! Oh Well atleast I remember the feeling while that picture was being taken. FREEDOM, yes the feeling of freedom.

Free from "make up" you know that mask society teaches girls to put on while presenting them selves outthere?

Free from my phone...ooh wait, I havent replied to that one message..lets save that for the later.

Free from that..brasilian hair, damnn I hate my neighbour for telling me that wig looked so nice on me....but then my mirror says the same, such a sucker!

The reality is, Iam actually lying but lets face it, that last paragraph would make a really cute poem, right? FREEDOM. written in upper-case letters to draw a readers attention but the reality is, I dont really know what freedom is, not putting on that society " young girl mask" doesnt fully give me that sense of freedom,. We are born in incarceration (race, religion,country boundaries, name it ) and unfortunately many will live to fortify this prison.

Alright then, putting my selfish self aside, lets focus on the entire world. In one 90´s movie, #sarafina ,they sang about how freedom was coming tomorrow. Hmmm I love that song but when is tomorrow even?I mean Its 2017 now and the world is still the same place apart from the civilization in some parts, people still kill eachother out of hate and differences .So where is the so called freedom?

Nina Simone once said freedom is to be fearless.....HOW I WISH MY MIND AGREED ON THAT! You see we are also prisoners in our own minds.

BUT what is FREEDOM really ? In the near future I would like to come on here and write a genuine poem named FREEDOM but for now, I´ll continue with my pursue for it.

AUTHOR: Leila Nakawunde Mayanja



The birds chirping and as the calming sounds of the river-flow get intense, happiness swiftly dwells throughout her body. Staring into the river, she sees a perfectly imperfect creature, smiling towards her, saying "welcome home".

She immediately replies "thank you" and as tears start running down her face washing away all the hurt and pain she had suffered during the early storm,

she realises its been her against her the entire time . Not the world .

Then she softly whispers , "I missed you".

​Author: Leila mayanja Nakawunde



And so I thought it would be fun to answer some "funfact" questions on here so you guys get to know me a little bit more or just "I" also wanna know me more (haha) thats how mysterious Iam. So without further a do, lets get into this quiz :

1. Whats the meaning of your name?

Leila is derived from arabic laila and it means night beauty.

2. What was the last lie you told?

I think we all do this tho. You know when someone sends a text message asking "how are you" and the automatic answer is "I´m fine", yaa thats the last lie I told.

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?

A vehicle wheel rolled over my foot, so I´m not sure if its safe for me to say I was involved in an actual accident .

4. If you didnt have to sleep, what would you do with extra time?

I used to love listening to music whenever I couldnt sleep tho I dont do it often lately, but yeah I think if sleep wasnt existent, I would probably be doing something art related like editing something or singing song covers (haha) . Btw feel free to follow me on #smule " @leila_mayanja" and lets connect if you enjoy singing as much as i do (ps: I do it for fun).

5. Best compliment you have received ?

Iam a very deep person and not often moved by physical compliments (tho I appreciate them, thanx ) but one day my mom told me I had nice feet (lol), and thats the best compliment so far.

6. What would your perfect room look like?

The more I grow, the more my love for nature and everything natural grows. so I would love for it to have some colour (to brighten my moods ),some plants and deemed lights .

7. What is your greatest strength and weakeness?

I think my greatest strength is independency, or no I take that back, I would say its patience.

My weekness is loosing people that mean something to me. (am still working on this )

8. What would be the most amazing adventure to go to?

I would love to travel alone, going to another country and enjoying the little things even in absense of a friend or family. I think it would let me grow stronger in terms of independency and just to learn meeting new life perspectives out of my comfort zone :) . I love independet people, they inspire me. you basically dont always need people around you to be whole. (iam still working on this)

9. Whats your favourate drink ?

I like aloevera drink.

10. Ugly and live forever or look attractive and die in a year?

It would depend. If am ugly but im living a quality life,hell yeah I would pick that. But I think there is more to life than this one so I sure wouldnt wanna just live this one.

11. What type of music do you listen to?

I love 90´s songs and early 2000´s but ofcourse I fancy some new rnb and a few afros.

12. Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

Definitely introvert but at some points I tend to be an "extrovert".

13. What was your favourate school subject?

I loved loved chemistry and maths.

14. If you had to change your name, what would it be?

Ive always liked the idea of a girl having a boy name, so I probably would change it to Jourdan or Gerald.

15. Whats one thing you are self conscious about?

My entire me, literally my whole self.

16. Cats or dogs?


17.What could you do with two million dollars to impact the most amount of people?

HMM, Im pretty passionate about sexual assault and mental health, so I would donate that money to any institutes that work on lowering percentages and empowering people going through such ,and or even start up my own.

Thanx for passin by TFW, . PS the above questions are from the the following sources.




So I want to try this natural drink diet(NDD) thing. Basically where you leave all artificials (sodas, artificial juices ) and just drink either water or any natural smoothie (home made). Ive tried doing it before and didnt succeed (lol thanx to my soda-craving appetite).

We all know the merits of drinking alot of water so there shouldnt be a question in this . Drinking water comes with weight loss and thats the only "advantage"I woudnt want/desire in mycase just coz I´m rather trying to gain weight. So in order to do both (drinking water and also try gaining weight), I will also increase on my food consumption just to balance my diet.

The main reason for this decision is because I´m trying to better my health (physically and mentally), and theres no other way of doing it than starting with what I put into my system.

I will try to update about my progress, hopefully it inspires you,




I probably should have documented about this like 7 months ago last year (2016) when I was in uganda but then it was during that time I had lost or was in process of loosing my interest in blogging or just writting about things that fascinate me about life. But hey the interest is back and thanks to technology I still have the memories (pictures) while I was there.

It was during my trip to uganda that I came to a realisation that traveling is good for not only the body but also the human soul. Moving to a different place (sunnier place if you dont mind lol) from that youre used to can help recharge your brain and thinking due to the fact that environment itself tends to have a big impact on you as person . Having been born in uganda I had a little glimpse of what it is to live in a happy environment where strangers are family (etc) but then I was too young to even think about life that way. It was not untill I moved to another part of the world and got a different perspective that I started reminiscing and missing home (uganda) or just anywhere sunny. So my trip this time to uganda was all about appreciation for my country and its nature.

I literally enjoyed the smallest things like going around places (mainly those with some beautiful nature surroundings) I had never visited before while I was still living there. A walk with my cosine( as shown in the pic below) was my favourate because that was the first time I was down to walking for all those miles (like a 4 hrs walk) and I might say it was an adventure. Socking in all that vitamin D never felt so good.

Anyways , aside from all the other unforgetable memories, from meeting up with some of my childhood friends to a bunch of family members, I loved loved going to live performances by a Ugandan band called #janziband. To say the least they are talented! I cant wait to go back to uganda and I also would love to explore yet another tropical landscape probably Branzil and goodness willing SouthAfrica.

Love /lei



You know when you know something good is going to happen soon, you know that feeling you get before it happens, the feeling of joy/peace/tremendous happiness, that feeling is way better than when you are in a place of that that was gonna happen. I love spring, it gives me the sense of the coming season(summer) . It puts my conciousness in a "happy Mood". Iam the happiest during spring I might say. Its the Bloom season , its the happiness awakener" , it brings hope (that hope being summer) .

Theres no other way to opening my first 2017 blog than writting it in my favourate season. Hope y'all are inspired or get inspired by it as I am.




Alright I was just scrolling through "Trent shelton´s snap story a day ago and what he was talking about really reached my damn soul. He said;

"All those people telling you they miss you are all lying. They dont miss you, they miss using you. Do you ever feel like they actually do misss you when you are around them??! Those are fake people in your life who will do anything just to reach to where they want, after that , BYE BYE BYE!

Real people are soul connections and when they actually enter your life, you will feel it. He added its not all about being selfish and giving is caring but when you sense that something aint right with certain people, calmy and peacefully give yourself some space from them"

And I asked myself why I almost never tell people I miss them or maybe that damn word is too big for me to put out and most times I actually dont reply back when certain people say they "missed" me and when I do reply back then thats special. 

Anyone reading this, do you feel me? Anyways back to this Smule singing app, I love music and having fun with peoples songs and so I was introduced to it for over a year ago and thought it was much fun but never really gave it any time, but dude as time went by I moved from 12 followers to now 800 real quick.. I mean its about having fun and I love connecting with people all over the world. I think its beautiful, 



I tried to call my mother but she didnt know where I was going. I called my boyfriend and he said "call me back a little later baby". I hang up the phone and felt so alone, started to feel a little pitty ,and thats when I realised that Ive gotta find the joy inside of me.

So Iam having a private party aint nobody here but me, my angels and my guittar singing "baby look how far weve come yeah".

Iam having a private party,learning how to love me celebrating the woman ive become.

Iam gonna take off all my clothes, looking myself in the mirror, we are gonna have a conversation and we gonna heal the disconnection. I dont remember when it started but this is where its gonna end ! My body is beautiful and sacred , so Iam gonna celebrate it.

Sometimes I am alone but never lonely, thats what ive come to realise, ive learned to love the quiet moments, the sunday mornings of life where I can reach down inside or out into the universe. I can laugh untill I cry or I can cry away the hurt.

Iam having a private party