Conformity has an influence in society and how everybody is accepted, though the question lies in why people don’t accept some of these differences. That is something I have been thinking about lately, and therefore I am writing this post.

It recently accrued for me that everything nowadays is judged by everybody, and usually by being different or not fitting into the norms, makes you a weirdo. Just like a text I read in English class about Exploring psychology, it shows how we humans act and mimics what each other do. Another experiment revealed that when a person is put in a situation where there is a group answer and an individual one, the person would likely conform in the situation with the group but the opposite when alone. In that case, it is properly because the person doesn’t want to feel alone, and therefore makes that choice. Obedience is more obeying people and has a more controlling role, where conformity is more naturally obeying what people do.

Overall Conformity can both have a positive and negative side to the story. It is both a positive thing to have the same interest and look like everybody else, but at the same time you get put down when you are different even though you have not done anything wrong. So, in this case social influence have a big impact on how you see yourself and want to be.