My first hike!

Last weekend, I did my first hike and I loved it. It was challenging, but the reward when you reach the top is unbelievable. And when you have the awesome group of Manon, Tom, Astrid, Simone and Julia with you everything is just perfect.

We had to wake up at 6 am to catch the train to Tegernsee and Bad Wiessee. When we came to Gmund we had to take a bus to Tegernsee, but we got out on the wrong stop (could be my fault, but who knows). So we had to walk for 30 minutes instead. Then we bought some food and the adventure started.

In the beginning it was just a steep road that we went on. But after a while we had to go in to the forest and continue on a bit more difficult path. The elevation was about 1000 meters and we did it in less than three hours.

Everyone was kind of tired when we reached the top, but the views up there made us forget about that. It was amazing! And the weather was too good to be true. The sun was shining and it was no wind. So we sat down and enjoyed our lunch and just relaxed for two hours.

Since it was my first hike, I didn’t know that much about it. So I thought it would be really easy to go down, but it wasn’t. It was actually harder than going up. I mean, climbing up was tougher, but it wasn’t that difficult. When going down, you had to watch your steps all the time so you don’t fall.

When we came back to Munich again, we were all really tired, so it was easy to fall asleep that evening.

Here are some pictures of our hike, and also a small movie – Enjoy! 

Do you see the top far away and to the left of the small tree in the middle of the picture? That's the top we went to.

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So at Monday afternoon it was time to go to IKEA! And no, I’m not homesick at all. But it’s so nice to go to IKEA once in a while, because it feels like I’m almost back in Sweden.

So I went with Astrid from Belgium and Simone from Denmark. My plan was to go there and buy some small things and three chairs, so that I can have friends over. But I also found a poster of Manhattan that I’m going to decorate my walls with. I also bought some gifflar and dammsugare.

So, when we went home, I had a lot to carry, so I put my poster on the shelf over the seats at the S-bahn. I told my friends that I’ll probably forget that one. And of course I did! So when I was on the U-bahn after I left the S-bahn I remembered that I forgot the poster, but then I realized that Astrid had to stay on the S-bahn for 15 more minutes. So I called her, and she was still there which saved my day. So thanks a lot Astrid!



Yesterday we went on a trip to the concentration camp in Dachau. It was really interesting. We started with watching a documentary about the camp, which were the first concentration camp. After that, we got a guide that took us though the camp and told us a lot of things. It’s really hard to imagine that people was captured there and made to objects less than 100 years ago.

Even if it was really interesting, it wasn’t the best experience because all the rooms in the buildings were empty and you couldn’t really see how it was there before. Just a lot of pictures and texts. A couple of years ago when I went to Berlin with my family, we went to Sachsenhausen, which I liked a lot more, since there was more to look at. But I really want to go to Auschwitz some day soon, because it’s really interesting to visit places like that.

In the evening, me and Manon went to a grocery shop in our neighborhood to buy things for making pancakes. Then Victor and Julia from Spain came and I hosted my first dinner in my bungalow. It was a good evening, and Victor helped me to move my table from the second floor to the kitchen on the first floor. I’ve been thinking about doing that since I came here, because I didn’t have any room to host people. But now I have, so this was the first, but not the last dinner we had at my place.



Saturday, we went on a day-trip to Salzburg. The bus left kind early, so I slept the whole time, which was really nice. Some of you know that I hate busses, so being able to sleep on the bus is amazing for me.

There was four busses who went to Salzburg, and me and my friend Manon from Belgium was on the last bus that arrived to Austria. So when we finally got out of the bus, we had to find our other friends that already were in a café. So after some struggle, we managed to find the right café.

After breakfast, we went to the touristic places in the city. But it wasn’t that nice since it was raining all day. So we went trough the city kind of fast, and then we found a restaurant where we had lunch. Most of us had wiener schnitzel, which was my first since I came to Munich.

In the afternoon we took the bus back home, and me, Gavin (Ireland), Ben (UK) och Tom (Belgium) found a really nice restaurant/bar to have dinner at. So we ate there, and then we met the others and we went to a nightclub.

Sunday morning was the Oktoberfest parade, which was the longest parade I ever went to. I think it lasted for about 3 hours or something.

In the afternoon, we went to the “Oktoberfest” area, and it was so much better, bigger and cooler that I ever could have imagined! The “tents” everyone is talking about isn’t tents. It’s more like big buildings, and there are so many people in every tent. But that’s really nice, and everyone that’s there are so happy! It's just so crazy that they build this for just about two weeks! Really impressive!

Here are some pictures from these two days.



Hey people!

Last two weeks have been CRAZY, but so much fun! My days here in Munich is basically like waking up at 7 am – go to class – end class at 1 pm – having lunch in the awesome Mensa (student dining hall) – do stuff with my amazing friends here. So because of this I’ve been really bad on updating here. But I’ll do better.

I’ve met so many people here, and everyone is so nice. I think we’re 230 Erasmus students here now, so there’s always someone who wants to do something.

Last Tuesday we went to the KVR to register, and it’s basically telling the government that “hi, I’m Linus and I’m living in Munich now”. In the evening we went to a student bar called “Manhattan”, which is on top of a twenty-story building. They don’t have tall buildings here in Munich, so this bar was almost on top of Munich. Really cool.

On Wednesday we had a city tour, and in the evening me and some friends went to a biergarten in the city center. There we met a guy who’s from Munich, and we started to talk with him. He was really cool, and we spoke with him in German for a long time of the evening just to practice our German. Later, he took us to a local bar which was really cool. It was so small, and I almost passed it when we went there. But we had fun, and it’s nice to see another part of the city than just the touristic one.

Something really crazy happened last week as well. I was walking to class and everything was normal. Then when I came to my university I saw a guy who I recognized, but I thought that it couldn’t be true. So when I came closer saw that it was Julius that I met in Troy last year. Such a coincident, because neither of us knew that we were going to be in Munich. Hi was visiting his sister, who’s studying here. So we talked for a while, and they invited me to go to a bar/restaurant. So we went there last Saturday, and it was really cool. Apparently, there was a pre-Oktoberfest thing, so the place was packed with people in dirndl and lederhosen. I also had some Bavarian food, which was very good.

Then this week we’ve also been to different bars every night, and I guess we’ll keep on doing that. At least until university starts.

This Wednesday, me and four others went to the tennis courts next to my apartment and we played tennis. It was really nice, since they were all really good. But when we stopped playing two hours later I was pretty tired.

In the evening, I went to my friend Stephen from Ireland to have some dinner. Then more people came and we went to Manhattan for some drinks. That night was probably the best night so far. Some of my friends brought ukulele and guitar, so we just sang all night. So we definitely have to do that again.

Now I’m going to prepare for tonight’s party, and we’re all going to wear our lederhosen and dirndls. Yeah, that’s true, I bought a pair of lederhosen. They are really comfortable, that’s all I’m going to say…

Until next time (which is soon)!



So today was the first day of my language class. We started with taking a tour around the main building of the university. And it’s huge! In the main entrance it’s maybe 20 meters up to the ceiling. That’s crazy! In the end of the tour we stopped at the student dining hall to eat.

In the afternoon we started the German class with some paper work. After that we had a get-to-know-each-other thing where we walked around in the classroom and asked questions in german to each other. It was fun, but I realized that my german is not on fleek. So it’s good that I’ll have german classes every day for the next month.

After the class, me and some other Erasmus students went to the city center to buy some stuff. Then we went to the Englischer Garten to get some beers. It was a really good first day, and I can’t wait until tomorrow.

Talk to you later!



Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted something here, but now when I’ve started a new adventure, I thought it could be fun to start the blog again. And I know, the new name is so creative… I’ll make most of the posts in English, but I may also post some in Swedish once in a while.

Anyhow, I arrived to the airport here in Munich at 9.00 am Friday. After that I took an Über (For my older followers: An Über is kind of a taxi, but you order it and pay it with your phone) to the Olympic Park where my student apartment is located. When I arrived I signed a contract for the apartment, then I had to wait three hours to get my key. That wasn’t exciting since I was really tired from waking up at 3.20 am to catch my flight the same morning. When I finally got the key to my apartment I was excited to see how it was, since it could be either in a highrise building or a bungalow (two-story apartment). And I got the bungalow! It was really cool, and even if it’s small it feels bigger since it’s on two stories.

On Friday afternoon/evening I went to IKEA because I was so homesick. Just kidding! I had to buy stuff for the apartment, since it only had a bed, a chair and a table. So then IKEA was a good store to find the things to start making the apartment into a home.

On Saturday, I started the day with going to a mall that’s located just four minutes with the subway from here. When I was there, I bought a toaster and some groceries. Fun fact, that’s not that fun. The grocery store LIDL where I bought my food from didn’t have any baskets to put all the stuff in while I was shopping. They only had carts, for which you needed a coin to get one. When I left my apartment I said to myself ‘I don’t need any coins today…’. So I had to carry everything in my arms, and I was buying a lot! So that was the challenge of the day.

In the afternoon I took the subway in to the city center to walk around a bit. I’ve been here once before when I was visiting friends in Austria. I found my favorite stores, so that’s good for the future. I also found the store that we searched for Carolina and Martin. About time, right?

Today I’ve Facetimed with Sabrina, which was really nice. It’s great to have a personal Germany-expert to ask whenever you want to know anything, like names of grocery stores. Thanks Spatzi!

In the afternoon I took the subway to the university so I could orientate a bit since I’m starting my language class tomorrow morning. It was a really beautiful school and I’m planning on making a blog post about the university within a short future, so keep your eyes open!

After visiting the university I decided to go for a run. When I was walking from the subway station to my apartment I saw a hill with a viewing point of the park. So I decided to run up there to get a good view and some pictures. The viewing point turned out to be a lot higher than I expected, so it was kind of tough running there since I’ve been a bit lazy this summer… But it was totally worth it! The view was amazing, so I think I’ll run to that spot in the future as well.

Here you have some pictures of my apartment and the neighborhood. I’ve also posted a short video of the apartment at YouTube, so I’ll link that one as well. And I want to excuse myself for the bad quality of the video in advance. I got a new camera, and I havnt had time to get to know it that good yet.

Until next time!

This was what I saw walking home from the subway. It doesn't look that high, but believe me it was!



As I promised Guillermo, I'll do this last blogpost from Troy in English.

Right now, I'm sitting in the airplane from Montgomery with Denver as the final destination. A couple of hours ago, I said goodbye to the last people before I got in to the car with my family. Saying goodbye to all my friends that I made this semester was horrible. I thought that leaving my family and friends in Sweden in August should be the worst, but that was nothing compared to this. Although, I'm so happy that most of them are living close to Sweden, so I can see them soon again. But still, some are leaving really far away, and that sucks.

The thing with leaving isn't just that I leave my friends. I also leave the life we built up together this past months, and we'll never come back to that. That's the hardest part. Even if everyone decide to go back and visit Troy at the same time, it won't be the same. We won't have our rooms, we won't be students, we won't have exams to study for, we won't have our daily life there. This make leaving so hard.

Since I don't want to end this fantastic adventure with only sad things, I'll continue this post with a bit more happiness.

Going to the US, completely alone, was both exciting and scary. It was my first time in America, and I didn't know anyone, except my Swedish advisor Maria that I had emailed with before. Coming there in the middle of the night to a completely empty room, with no sign of life was not the best start. But already the first day I got friends, and after a couple of days, Troy felt like home. Of course, it has not always been "en dans på rosor" all the time, but 99% of it was so good! As I mentioned earlier, I made amazing friends, and it feels like I known some of them for ten years, although it only been for some months. But I guess that's what happens when people are in the same situation, and see each other every day. We became a little family.

A couple of days ago, I got a question about what my favorite moment from this semester was. I had such a hard time giving an answer to that, because we done so much fun things, and all the small things in the daily life mixed with the bigger, such as all our trips, made everything amazing. But I finally came up with my favorite memory, and it was the trip that I did with Lisa and Laura to Panama City Beach in the end of September. Even if all the other trips we made are "oförglömliga" as well, PCB was something special!

And as I probably mentioned ten times in this post already, I'm so thankful for everyone who made my exchange adventure to the best thing in my life so far! If someone gave me the opportunity to do this again, I would probably say yes. But at the same time I know that it wouldn't be the same, and that's because of you guys. You mean everything!

So to everyone I learned to know during the past months in Troy, you'll always have a place in my heart. You are, and will always be my Troy-family! And if you ever planing to visit Sweden, you know who to text!

Sadly, I couldn't say goodbye to all of you for different reasons. So to all of you, I want to say goodbye for now, and I hope we meet in the future.

Btw, I hope you won't kill me because of some of the pictures. I didn't take the worst ones haha.

Thank you for everything!

I'll miss this!

Dining hall at 6?

Gabriela Niccolai, Brazil 🇧🇷

Unnur Porisdottir, Iceland🇮🇸

Sabrina Zurawka, Germany🇩🇪

Lisa De Greef, Belgium🇧🇪

Guillermo Herrera, El Salvador🇸🇻

Laura Dominguez, Belgium🇧🇪

Aleksander Lannoy, Belgium🇧🇪

Jeroen Herman, Belgium🇧🇪

Cristina Rodriguez, El Salvador🇸🇻

Emil Andersen, Denmark🇩🇰

Collin Johnson, USA🇺🇸

Jenna Karen, USA🇺🇸

Caitlin Hicks, USA🇺🇸

RJ Stephens, USA🇺🇸

Maria Frigge, Sweden🇸🇪

Vincent Rosec, France🇫🇷

Jesse King, USA🇺🇸~Taylor Boydstun, USA🇺🇸~Erica Quinn, USA🇺🇸~Rachel Rickman USA🇺🇸

Kristoffer Jeppesen, Denmark🇩🇰~Annika Füllbier, Germany🇩🇪

Adele Barreau, France🇫🇷

German Garcia, Spain🇪🇸

Stephanie Martin, France🇫🇷~ Mariam Kakhabrishvili, Georgia🇬🇪

Eduard Loch, France🇫🇷

Julius Rubbe, Germany🇩🇪




Här kommer äntligen sista delen av Thanksgiving. Har haft massvis att göra nu sen vi kom hem från New York. Uppsatser att skiva, presentationer att göra och finals att plugga till. Men nu har jag bara en final kvar, och den är på tisdag, så nu är det ganska lugnt med pluggandet. Dock börjar det svåra med att packa alla sakerna och säga hejdå till alla underbara människor här. Än så länge är det bara 2 som lämnat, men från måndag kommer det droppa av folk titt som tätt.

Jag trodde att det jobbigaste skulle vara att lämna Sverige, men ojojoj vad fel jag hade. Att lämna detta är 10 gånger värre, för detta kommer man aldrig kunna uppleva igen. Även om man träffar kompisarna igen, eller om man åker tillbaka till Troy och hälsar på så kommer det ändå inte vara samma sak. Vi kommer aldrig att kunna komma tillbaka till livet här, och det är väldigt tråkigt när man tänker på det.

Men äventyret är inte riktigt slut än! Vi har fortfarande 4 dagar kvar, och på måndag kväll kommer familjen hit och hälsar på. Sen på onsdag åker vi hela familjen till Denver för att träffa släktingar vi aldrig träffat tidigare, vilket ska bli hur kul som helst! Dem har planerat massvis med aktiviteter, så ska bli så kul! Kommer nog att komma upp ett och annat inlägg därifrån med.

Men nu tänkte jag ta och skriva lite om sista delen av Thanksgiving.

Vi började onsdagsmorgonen med att kolla på frihetsgudinnan. Vi kunde tyvärr inte få biljetter till att gå upp i den, så vi tog en gratis färja mellan Manhattan och Staten Island och därifrån såg man jättebra. Sen gick vi till Wall Street och kollade och därefter käkade vi. Vi åt på en liten trång gatuköksliknande restaurang som serverade nästan allt. Så jag åt en hamburgare som var riktigt god.

Sen gick vi till World Trade Center Memorial, och museet som ligger bredvid. Det var väldigt fint, och muséet var hur bra som helst. Kan verkligen rekommendera det om ni åker till NY någon gång.

På seneftermiddagen tog vi tunnelbanan vi till China Town och kollade lite. Det var som att åka till Asien typ. Hade inte förväntat mig det, så det var helt galet!

På kvällen hade vi bokat biljetter till att gå och kolla på Basket i Brooklyn, eftersom Emil gillar basket. Det var Brooklyn Nets och Boston Celtic som spelade, och Celtic vann till Emils besvikelse.

På Torsdagen var det Thanksgiving, och vi gick upp tidigt för att se på den stora paraden. Det var fullsmockat med folk, men vi lyckades hitta en plats där vi kunde se. Paraden var riktigt stor, och varade i över en timme (om inte längre). Men vi gick efter typ 45 minuter, och det var inte det enklaste. Vi fick trycka oss fram mellan folk, och en stund stod vi helt still för det fanns ingen stans att ta vägen. Men när vi väl lyckades ta oss ut gick vi till Times Square för att gå in på World of M&M’s, Hersheys-affären och Disney-affären.

Vid lunchtid gick vi till Central Park och gick runt där lite. Det var väldigt fint och fridfullt. Fast detta var mitt i staden så hördes inte trafiken så värst mycket. Så det var väldigt nice. Sen efter det gick vi och kollade på Grand Army Plaza, vilket är hotellet i en av Ensam Hemma-filmerna. Slutligen åkte vi tillbaka till Brooklyn bridge för att ta lite bilder i dagsljus.

På kvällen gick vi ut och åt på Hard Rock Cafe med Laura och hennes mamma. Det var riktigt gott, och jag åt en combo med pulled pork, ribs och kyckling. Men det var så jäkla mycket mat så jag inte orkade äta upp allt haha.

Sista dagen vi hade var fredagen. Den började med att vi gick upp tidigt för att gå och kolla i affärer eftersom det var Black Friday. Men vi var väldigt trötta, och hittade ingen intressant, så jag och Lisa gick och käkade frukost på Starbucks innan vi gick till lägenheten igen. Det var nämligen så att Emil råkade sätta fel datum när vi bokade lägenheten, så vi var tvungna att ta in på hotell sista natten haha. Så vi var tvungna att vara ute från lägenheten vid 10 på morgonen. Så då tog vi tunnelbanan till hotellet som låg i Queens eftersom vi ville vara nära flygplatsen till dagen efter. När vi checkat in så delade vi på oss eftersom alla ville göra olika saker. Så jag och Lisa åkte till FN en gång till för att få en stämpel i våra pass. Detta för att FN byggnaden ligger på internationell mark. Sen gick vi till Panda Express för att käka. Jag älskar verkligen det stället! Efter lunch tog vi en sorts skidlift över East River till Roosevelt Island för att kolla på Manhattan skyline.

Efter det gick vi och shoppade lite, och därefter hem till hotellet där vi beställde pizza och kollade på film. Vi gick och la oss tidigt eftersom vi var tvungna att stiga upp vid typ halv 6 för att hinna med flyget.

Så detta var sista delen av min Thanksgiving i DC och NY. Det var hur kul som helst, och att göra resan med dessa underbara människor är bara för bra! Resan får 5/5 satsumas.

Tack och hej!

Avslutar med en vacker bild på Manon på flyget hem från New York




Mitt i all stress nu sista veckorna innan deadlines och finals tänkte jag göra ett inlägg om första dagarna i New York.

Jag avslutade förra inlägget med att vi tog tåget till New York. Eftersom att Emil, Manon och Kris var lite långsamma när vi beställde tågbiljetterna för någon månad sedan så fick dem ta ett tåg som var en timme tidigare än det jag och Lisa åkte med. Men det var bara bra för oss, för när vi kom fram till lägenheten vi hyrde hade dem redan hämtat nyckeln och fixat iordning. Så riktigt gött!

På eftermiddagen/kvällen så gick vi ut och shoppade då vi behövde lite saker för att inte frysa ihjäl. Jag köpte ett par nya skor som var lite varmare än mina Nike, vantar och ett par jeans.

När vi var klara med shoppingen så gick jag, Lisa, Emil och Kris till en supermarket för att köpa frukost och ingredienser till pasta med kyckling som Manon ville laga till oss. Så det var vad vi åt på kvällen.

Innan vi skulle gå och lägga oss tog vi tunnelbanan till Brooklyn Bridge och kollade på New Yorks skyline, och det var helt magiskt.

På tisdagen började vi med att åka och kolla på Empire State Building. Vi gick aldrig upp, då vi valt att åka upp i Rockefeller Center senare i veckan istället. När vi var nedanför så såg tjejerna en stor Victoria’s Secret butik som dem ville gå in i, och där stannade dem i typ en timme… Under tiden gick jag, Emil och Kris runt i lite andra affärer och kollade.

När tjejerna äntligen var klara så tog vi tunnelbanan till FN. Emil och Kris ville inte gå på den guidade turen, så dem åkte och gjorde något annat så länge. Men jäklar va coolt det var där inne. Vi fick en guidad tur över hela anläggningen, och vi fick gå in i alla salar inklusive generalförsamlingens sal. Det fanns även tre andra salar där, vilka var donerade från nordeuropeiska länder. Så vår guide började räkna upp att första var från Danmark, andra från Norge, och innan han sa tredje så tänkte jag ”säg inte Finland!”, och så sa han att den tredje och sista salen var donerad av Sverige. Jag blev kanske lite övertaggad, för jag gjorde en inte så diskret knytning av handen så alla i vår grupp inklusive guiden förstod att jag var från Sverige haha.

Efter detta mötte vi upp Kris och Emil igen och vi gick och kollade på Grand Central och Trump Tower. Utanför Trump Tower var det hur mycket poliser som helst, och vid entrén stod poliser från SWAT med gevär och hund. När man gick in i byggnaden fick man gå genom en säkerhetskontroll så som man får göra på flygplatser. Men det var ganska coolt att se säkerhetspådraget, och att vi trots det kunde gå in och kolla.

Det sista vi gjorde var att gå till Times Square där vi träffade Laura och hennes mamma igen. Det var väldigt imponerande ställe med alla skärmar. Fanns några skärmar med reklam från Fjällräven, och även HM. Heja Sverige!!!!

Tänker att jag avslutar del 2 här, så håll ögonen öppna så kommer del 3 inom kort! Ha det gött!!

Bilden till höger är tagen i salen som Sverige donerat