​Hi guys! I have a new blog and domain! www.swedestfoodie.com and also a new instagram! @swedestfoodie 
Decided this platform wasn't really working as its mostly Swedish and i'm based in London! :(
See you on the other side!
Ciao for now...

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Time for the second instalment of.......THE BEST SWEDISH FOOD WOOOO!
I would like to start by apologising though! After i posted the last instalment i got a call from my mum who informed me that i had a used a picture of Copenhagen.. not Sweden! Its been corrected now though! So apolgies for that firstly haha! Now on to the important stuff....FOOD!

4. Falukorv

Falukorv is a Swedish sausage made with a mix of pork, beef and starch with some mild spices. It actually comes from the small town where i was born, Falun! This is probably my favourite comfort food, you can serve it in loads of different ways; in a stew, pan fried, oven baked. My personal favourite is oven baked with cheese and mustard. This was often a school dinner when i was growing up. And unlike english school dinners; in Sweden you get very good food in schools. You can actually buy polish alternatives to this now; however if you want the real deal you can order it from Ocado! Here is my favourite recipe! (The recipe is in swedish, but if your using chrome as your browser it will translate it for you. If thats not working and you would like to give it a try, give me a comment and ill type out a recipe)

5. Smörgåsbord

Everyone knows what a Smörgåsbord is right? One of the most scandinavian things ever! The direct translation means "sandwhich table". However don't let the name fool you! There will be no sandwiches in sight on a typical Smörgåsbord! It consists of several different cold and hot dishes laid out on a buffet style table, where guests can help themselves. On the table you can expect to find pickled herring, gravad lax (salmon), egg dishes, potatoes, jasons temptations, meatballs and loads more dishes!! Smörgåsbord is normally served when there is something to celebrate such as midsummer, christmas, easter, graduations ect. Lifes tip: Get yourself a swedish friend so you can experience a typical midsummer Smörgåsbord.

6. Grillat (BBQ)

Not necessarily a Swedish dish. But the swedes take serious pride in their BBQs! I was in awe when i moved to England and their BBQs consisted of frozen burgers and disgusting sausages... no.. not for me! In Sweden the BBQ ritual starts of a day before the BBQ with carefully selected meat and chicken marinated in home made marinade overnight. Heaps of meat served with grilled fresh vegetables and potatoes and some sort of home made sauce. Because the climate in Sweden a lot of families BBQ most of their food throughout summer, it does not get dark at all in some parts of Sweden in summer. I remeber growing up and eating around 10pm at night and it still being light outside! A Swedish summer really is the best summer! Hoping ill be moving in to a flat with a garden so i can have lots of BBQs this summer and share loads of recipies!



Ive had such a busy week i've hardly had time to cook or blog! Second week back at uni has been very busy, and i've also been running around going to different job interviews all week too!

I did however cook some deliciousssss chicken yesterday! I made a whole roast peri-peri chicken, and i made my own chimichurri sauce which worked really well! Me and my boyfriend where so hungry that i didn't even get to take a picture though... I only got one before i put the chicken in the oven! Every time i make roast chicken i always put a lime or a lemon with some smashed garlic cloves and fresh herbs inside the chicken to make it as flavourful as possible! Nothing worse than a dry tasteless chicken.. Pretty much every time i cook something i call my mum for advice! She's helped me perfect my chicken recipe, i can now finally get perfectly crispy skin, yum! I got the recipe for the chimichurri here. Its supposed to be had with steak but works just as well with chicken! I whizzed the mixture in my nutribullet which works great, but you can use any food blender or just chop the ingredients by hand!

So tonight im FINALLY going to Pizza East! Ive wanted to go the for so long! Pizza East is a surprisingly a Pizza restaurant.. its located opposite Box Park in Shoreditch. Its owned by the same company that own Dirty Burger and Chicken Shop! So i'm expecting good things! Ill be writing a blog post about it later in the week, so make sure you keep checking the blog ;)

Ive also been really naughty this week and keep buying doughnuts... Ive written about them before, but seriously, you wont understand until you have tasted DumDums Doughnuts! They are at Stratford Westfield at the moment! So make sure you check it out if your there!

ALSO i've created a Instagram for the blog! :) make sure you follow it! @swedestfoodie



Having a very lazy bank holiday today. Its back to normality tomorrow, which includes doing a three day detox which i'm starting tomorrow... Ive been meaning to make naan pizzas for ages and today was the perfect opportunity! So quick and simple and turned out delicious. Takes about 20 times including cooking time! Heres the basic recipe, then you can have whatever topping you want! I did one with parma ham, one with salami, and one with capers and olives. Pizza naans are the perfect opportunity to use your leftover veg or meat instead of letting it go to waste! You can also use any cheese. I used a mixture of mozzarella, cheddar and red Leicester,


Supermarket naan
Marinara sauce
Yellow onion
Mozzarella (or any cheese)
Parlsey (Or chosen fresh herbs)
Italian herbs

I was majorly lazy and bough a ready made marinara sauce, i did however add my own garlic, fresh tomatoes and spices to liven it up a bit! Ones mixed spread the sauce evenly on top of the naans, then top with your chosen toppings, followed by your chosen cheeses. Put in the oven (200 degrees) and let cook for 5-8 minutes, or until golden. Finish off with some black pepper and your roughly chopped chosen fresh herb.



So Sundays are my favourite day, and yesterday was even better because its a bank holiday weekend! We followed tradition and headed down to brick lane in the morning and wandered round brick lane and Shoreditch, we had our mind set on getting a game of Monopoly... but no luck :( We walked up to Hoxton and ended up having the most INCREDIBLE roast! It was at this place called 'The Dragon Bar', its located on Shoreditch Highstreet. We ordered a whole roast chicken to share; which came with patatas bravas and vegetables, home made yorkshires and the chicken was served with a chimichurri sauce instead of gravy, which was such a nice change from normal boring gravy... Im definitely not a fan of english roast dinners! However this is one to remember. Unfortunately this was a bank holiday special, but if the food i had was anything to go by i'd definitely give this place a visit!

The Score...

We ordered: roast chicken to share, bread and oil, pistachio nuts, 2 beers
Price: £40
Rating: 8/10



So ive started a new category`; im trying to find London's best burger! My first burger was just down the road from my house in Whitechapel; Dirty Burger Chicken Shop. There are 4 chicken shops and 4 dirty burger shops throughout London, you can find all their different locations and menus on their website. This one in Whitechapel have both restaurants under one roof. This place has a simple menu with only 3 different choices.

Dirty Burger Chicken Shop

The Score..

Food Ordered: Dirty bacon, cheeseburger, crinkled fries, oreo milkshake
Price: £24
Rating: 7/10

The food came quickly and was really nice. We shared both the burgers and they were both just as good. Plenty of lettuce and sauce with a medium rare thick burger between a brioch bun. The crinkled fries were served with their trademark chicken shop sauce which was delicious, will definitely have to purchase one of these for my own kitchen.. The burgers were reasonable at £5 & £6 each. The oreo milkshake was so so so so SO GOOD, but not worth the steep price of £5...

Next stop on my burger hunt: Shake Shack.



So seeing as i make NutriBullets every day i thought i would start sharing my recipes!
Heres the first of many! :)


2 slices frozen mango
1 slice pineapple
1 handful of spinach
1 handful of strawberries
1/2 a handful of blueberries
1 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp goji berries

topped up with coconut water

(Remember you can use any blender or juicer for this)



Sorry its not the best picture...

So last night i made oven baked cod with a lemon/mustard and caper dressing, served with garlic and chilli sautéed kale and spinach, oven baked italian parmesan tomatoes and sautéed potatoes.

You can find the recipe for the cod here. (The recipe says sea bass, i used cod and it worked just as good) 

Boneless white fish
Plum Tomatoes
Chilli Flakes
Dijon Mustard
Olive Oil​​​​​​​​​​

The tomatoes i just made by halving some ripe plum tomatoes and placing them in an oven proof dish, drizzle with olive oil and italian herbs and grate on parmesan.

- Boil the potatoes for 5-7 mins, drain, slice the potatoes in 1cm thick slices, heat up a pan with plenty of olive oil, fry the potato slices until golden on both sides. Add salt and preferred spices whilst frying.

- The spinach and kale mix was made by heating some oil in a pan, then frying 2 garlic cloves and chilli flakes for a few seconds until adding the kale and spinach. Add a bit more oil and stir frequently until all leaves are moist. 



So yesterday I met my boyfriend for lunch in Putney where he works. Really nice area, just by the water! Seeing as I absolutely LOVE a bargain we headed to Weatherspoons (I love Weatherspoons..) There are two in Putney but we went to the one overlooking the water.
I love Weatherspoons because they always open in such interesting locations! This one was no different! And they have started with Mexican Mondays?! 😋
I had a naked burrito and my boyfriend and a burrito. I always praise Weatherspoons I think it's such good value for money! And their Mexican food was great!

I walked round Putney high street for a bit as I found out they have a pound land, and i LOVE poundland as well as any bargain really. I found these massive of packets of Nerds which you can buy in Topshop for £5... So i made sure i stocked up! I also picked up a cute storage bottle for my chia seeds and goji berries :)

​- I got the brunch book on sale in Oliver Bonas
- Olof bag is from Poundland
- Yatzy & cards from Tiger



So i've had such a busy and lovely weekend! My parents came to visit me and my brother, so spent the weekend with my family and boyfriend! Didn't get a lot of cooking done... But i did go to some of my favourite places in London over the weekend, as well as discovering some new gems! Even though i live around 10 mins away from Columbia road flower market ive never ever been! Until this Sunday! And wooooow what a place! The flowers are incredible, but its also in such a gorgeous area with really cool independent shops and nice pubs! And only around 5 mins away from brick lane. I managed to leave with a HUUUGE bouquet of roses because my mum couldn't get them with her home, luckily for me!

So started the weekend by having breakfast at this cute little place on Bethnal Green Road called Cafe 338, id read about it in Time Out and i walk past it pretty much every day and there is almost always a queue! So i was dying to give it a try! Went there early on Friday morning and it wasn't too busy when we got there but it quickly filled up. Service was quick and friendly, and our breakfast came very fast. I had pancakes with eggs, bacon and fruit and it was amazing! Definitely worth the £5.50!

I spent Friday with my parents and brother, and as usual when they come in to town; pub crawl! Started of in Mayfair and slowly wondered towards Edgware Road where we were having dinner. We stopped at Galvin's at Windows which is the restaurant and bar on top of the Hilton on Park Lane, id been there when i was younger and i remember the view being amazing so we popped up for one drink which quickly turned it to two bottles of wine! I'd highly recommend this place, its very pricey, but its worth just going up for one drink and looking at the view. ALSO if you want to see a cool view of London head to Sushi Samba in Heron Tower, also super pricey but they view is worth painfully paying £8 for a bottle of beer..

So after Windows we headed to Edgware Road for dinner. I stupidly didn't even note down the name of the restaurant... But we had some lovelyyyyy Lebanese food, but there are around 50 fantastic Lebanese places on Edgware Road. Ended the night singing and dancing in a swedish pub round the corner with my parents. The swedish pub used to be in Marleybone (The Harcourt arms) but its closed at the moment for refurbishment :(

This is one of the pictures i took at Windows!

So Sunday we all headed to Brick Lane like tradition! It was so packed for some reason which was a bit annoying. But we looked round all the food places and market stalls and decided on what to eat around 2 hours later..

I just had a pizza from a food truck, it was okay. Nothing special though im afraid :( I wish i went to Orange Buffalo instead, but i always eat there.. As iv'e mentioned in previous post; Orange Buffalo = best buffalo wings anyone has ever tasted (In my opinion ;)) My boyfriend had a pulled pork bun, also from a food truck. And my mum got a burrito from brick lane market :)

Then we headed to Columbia Road market to check out the flowers. And ohhhhh my godddddd there was SO many people there, like you could not move what so ever... Apart from that. Such a cool area! Such nice shops, definitely need to go back and check out the area when the market isn't on! I got a MASSIVE bunch of roses and a vase so i was happy :)

Obviously we couldn't go an entire day without going to a pub ;) Mine and my dads favourite beer is Punk IPA which is produced by Brewdog, and they have a bar in Shoreditch that i took my dad too. Its just up the road from Box park and worth the visit! Pretty much got the best customer service ever buy the happiest guy in the world haha.. So he let us all try like 5 different beers which was fun. If you do ever go to a Brewdog id recommend

- Punk IPA
- Dead Pony

The IPA is quite bitter, but the Dead Pony is a milder taste with less alcohol, so for the craft beer newbies, id go for the dead pony! Seeing as my lunch was disappointing i took the opportunity to order some more food heheee. I got some loaded fries with everything and it was amaaaaazing, and only £3! I do love myself a food bargain.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and is suriving this horrid Monday, for me its just daunting on me that i go back to uni tomorrow after 5 weeks off! :(