If you want to be a cool fashionista, there are a number oft hings you will have to do apart from looking good all the time.

 You are some steps that should help you become a fashion star and stay excited about falling into one of the best categories in fashion.

Learn about fashion

 The first step to becoming a fashionista is that you should learn about fashion and do your home work properly so that you have each and every update relating to the look you want to perfect for a particular occasion. You can start by enjoying a magazine session and then move on to watching fashion shows and even movies.

 While learning about fashion, it is importantto keep personal by your side so that you can make a list of the looks andclothes you like and the ones you should totally ignore.

Study your closet

 Before you make any new purchase, it is important to be sure that you have an idea about what is available in your closet and what has never been used by you that can make the ultimate difference to your look. This is a cost effective option and even as a fashionista; we are quite sure that Discount vouchers are not the only ways in which you are saving money. So, think about it and make sure that you not only save money but even look perfect with what you already have in your closet.

Good hygiene

 For a fashionista,you should have a killer sense of Style, but if you have that and you do not smell good, you will not fall into the elite category of fashionistas. So,remember this point I'll make sure that you do look not only good but also smell good and maintain good hygiene.

Shortlist clothing based on the journal you have created

 If you have created a particular journal and you are planning to purchase a new set of clothing, itis important to be sure that you do it on the basis of Ideas short listed in your journal. Once you have shortlisted your ideas, you will find some of the best retail as well as online stores offering same or similar products that will give you the necessary level of satisfaction you deserve.

Make sure that your hairstyle is cool and also suits you

 Get a unique hairstyle and make sure that it is cool as well as suits you well. In this case, asking your hairdresser will be really important because the experts and they will guide you on the basis off hand impression that is created by you while you move around. Remember that they also act as an audience who are looking at you and give comments on the basis of the way they look at you. So, involve your hairdresser and get the right hairstyle that suits you according to your face shape and a number of other factors that can determine the look you should carry.