It all started when I was a 17 year old teenager, I got a serious kidney disease that afflicts, especially teenage girls. It mostly leads to dialysis and eventually kidney transplant. At the time I didn't know this andI thought I would go to the doctor and he, of course, would make me well again. Well, he didn't, in fact I just got closer to having to be hooked up to a machine that would clean my blood 3 times a week. After a year on cortisone I sat in his office and heard him asking my mother if she would consider starting me on dialysis. She said we would have to think about it, and I started to look toward so called alternative treatment and eventually came into contact with a 70 year old man. He was a healer, he said he could help me and I felt it was true, so I started treatment with him. His name was Bernhard, he was also a painter and had to to to Hawaii to paint and exhibit his paintings. My parents showed me the biggest gesture of love ever and allowed me to go with this eccentric and stranger that we didn't really know, to Hawaii. We went to live in the mountains on Maui, I lived almost solely on water and celery for 3 months and he performed, what seemed at the time, like strange healing sessions where he waived his hands through the air around my body on a daily basis. I was really scared because it was all very strange and new to me, I was alone there with him and I didn't know if I would make it, and if I didn't my situation would be very serious.

It seemed like suddenly one day my kidneys started to work again. I got my body back, after being bloated with water for more than a year. I was young and free and I felt so grateful and happy about life. I left Bernhard and went down to Lahaina, the biggest town on Maui, where I got a job and moved into a house with other young people. I stayed on Hawaii for 6 months and than I went traveling with Bernhard for a few years where we went to Tahiti, New Zealand and finally Australia. He was a very good healer and we worked together with the indigenous people on the Polynesian islands. they have a tradition for using healing to cure diseases. On Tahiti we lived in a small house in the tropical jungle in a small town, close to the beach. People lined up in the morning outside the house and waited quietly for their turn to receive a healing. They dive for black pearls there and many of the men suffered from headaches due to this job. They did not pay with money, but with food, we were drowning in rice and coconut dishes wrapped in banana leaves and other delicious food. Each morning there would be more people outside and we got accepted in the local society, but after a while we decided to leave, as Bernhard didn't have time to paint anymore. Bernhard always painted but naked, usually on the porch in front of the house of course, this was quite a draw. He couldn't care less. The only thing he wore was a pair of black gloves, as he suffered contact allergy toward some the paint or turpentine. Eventually we ended up in Australia, where our paths parted, I went my own way and never saw Bernhard again.

This was quite a wakeup-call for me at 17, going from being a young teenager, looking for the next opportunity to party, to a life threatening disease. I did not get help from doctors and the established health system, so I had to look elsewhere, leave my family and home country, everything that I knew. Go with a stranger, an eccentric and charismatic artist to a destination of more that 20 hours flight time. I had never been outside of Denmark before. It could have gone all wrong - but it didn't. This is when my passion for health and beauty regarding the body, mind and soul started; when I was 17 and looking for anything other than that. A health nut was born.