Ipsos post panel söker nya deltagare

Dear Anna-Karin,

The current situation all around the globe calls us every day, no matter whether young or old, in private or as company – we are living in demanding times and need to be patient!

We, as UNEX team, hope that you and your beloved ones are safe and according to circumstances well protected.

Please stay healthy!

Bad times will always be followed by good times!

Wherever possible, we continue to measure the transit times of international letters and parcels. Even in these difficult times, we are looking for new participants. Do you know some interested friends or colleagues want to participate, too?

We hope you like our survey and want to recommend us – you will get 560 points (50 Euro).

The participants task will be very similar to what you know from the UNEX project. The task is the sending / receiving of letters and small parcels and the confirmation online. The participants collect points, which can be exchanged for bonus gifts and vouchers.

All information can be found at www.ipsos-post-survey.com . Feel free to announce it to interested people.

We cannot include all inhabited postcode ranges in Sweden. Therefore, we ask you for a message with the home location postcode of the person you want to recruit.

The new participant receives a starting bonus of points amounting to € 10.

The amount will be added to your account once the new participant has successfully completed the training phase and takes part actively for at least three months.

Just inform us about the name/s of the recruited person/s via e-mail - and ask them to register at the page above.

Please do not register yourself, you can only participate in one post-study.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Jooo jag vill va med!!!
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