Will auto pillow affect airbag?

In order to reduce the abrasion of auto seat, many people select to buy auto pillow. But some auto owners are worried that auto pillow will affect the release of airbag in side of front-row seat. In different auto types, the number of airbag are also different, in general there are front-row double airbags and front-row seat side airbag (which is in middle and high level auto types). If the auto is installed with auto pillow, the airbag in side of front-row seat is most easy to be affected. Because the side airbag is set in the interior of seat. As for the auto installed with auto pillow, when accident happens, the auto pillow will affect the release of side airbag, even make the airbag cannot be opened, which is very dangerous.

So when select auto pillow, the following aspects shall be taken into consideration.

1. Half-package auto pillow is easy to install and unpick to wash. If select half-package auto pillow, only if the elastic gusset does not encase the rip wire of airbag, it will not affect the release of side airbag in general.

2. Full-package auto seat cover has better compactness, which is also more beautiful. But if the full-package auto seat cover is not under special processing, it will affect the release of side airbag. As for the full-package auto seat cover of professional brand, it will apply special suture on the part of side airbag, the thickness of suture is obviously different, which also has symbol of airbag on the seat cover. When select, customer shall be sure to consult whether the seat pillow has airbag design.

Before buying auto pillow, firstly you should know whether your auto has side airbag, if has, please know the installation location. If your auto does not have side airbag, thus you can select any types of auto pillow. The auto pillow of Suninbox brand fully considers the safety of customer. Please rest assured to select and buy.