Great Router Plans Woodshop Projects You Can Do Today

If you are into woodworking as much as I am you already know that the router is an essential piece of equipment. It can do so many jobs and do them fast and efficiently that it is hard to think what it was like before the router was invented. But owning a router and using a best router table are two different things. You must learn how to use it and keep it in good working order. And don't forget about the router table, it is just as important as the router itself.

For making desks to cabinets to jigs and fixtures, there isn't really another tool that is as flexible as the router and the router table. From making slots in wood to putting fancy bevels on desktops to just cutting out a unique shape, the router handles these tasks with ease.

To make your router worth its weight in gold you should have some things around your wood shop that give it the flexibility and power that it was designed to do. Her are some practical woodshop projects for you to do.

1. Routing Jig for Small Stock

If you have ever tried to make a knob for a dresser or cabinet you know how hard it is to hold it and not to lose a finger. It is a relatively simple project that will save you time and energy for the rest of your life.

2. Dado Jig for Exact-Width Stock

If you've never thought of this before its understandable. Until I saw one I never thought of it either. But let me tell you it sure comes in handy and it saves you money too. With this you can do cabinet side dadoes or bookcase dadoes that matches the thickness of the stock you are working on. And the best part is you won't have to buy a special bit for each job, it just uses an ordinary straight bit and the guide bushing.

3. Routing Table Sliding Top

If you have tried to cut grooves or dadoes in a small project you should think about making a Sliding Top for your router table. It is very handy and safe and makes jobs go faster.

4. Router Bit Shelf

This probably should have been higher on the list since it is such and easy wood shop project and it is a nice neat place to keep all of your router bits. You can arrange them any way that you want to from small to large or from straight to beveled, it is your Bit Shelf.

5. Routing Templates

These are 5 Essential Woodshop Projects for your router that I suggest you get to making. After you have these than you are ready to tackle some of the more interesting projects and I have over 16,000 plans and blueprints if you are interested.

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