I have been told that I dream too greatly

That my mind dwells in a fantasy rivaling even the most prestigious novelists

In pre-school I used to conger up these intricate fables

Sit down my classmates in their pigtails and velcro shoes

And tell them of my Thursdays spent in castles,

My Saturdays breeding dragons

And my Monday’s back in time for recess and otter pops

“You’ve got your hands full with that one” they used to say

As if my lack there of limitations was crippling

I have no concept of failure

I never have.

A 4 year old Meghan would have told you the same thing I tell you today,

“I am going to be an actress”

Not an ounce of uncertitany to my voice

No Possibly, or if, or a lukewarm maybe

The word ‘if’ is toxic

I never let it slip through my tounge because I set my own limitations

And if I tell my self ‘if’ then I’m succumbing to the possibility that I don’t have what it takes

That I am doubting my very self

But We’re taught on knees of kindergarden teachers that the sky wasn’t the limit for Jack and the Bean stock

So why should it be mine?

They tell us if our dreams don’t scare us, then they’re not big enough

But sometimes at 16 the only thing you dream of is getting through the day

Getting asked to prom & passing AP bio

Because bravery isn’t saved just for knights in shinning armor or solos in school plays

It’s raising your hand in English class because you actually enjoyed Catcher in the Rye

It’s trying out for cheerleading despite never having done a cartwheel

and It’s eating lunch alone because you’re worth more than toxic friendships

These acts of bravery do not have to move mountains or part ancient seas

They do not set off on a running start at the sound of a gun

They can start small

Step by step, moment by moment

I believe in Ordinary acts of bravery


Overflowing my 1,440 minutes in simple acts of fearlessness

So no matter how big or how small

I dare you to be fearless

To be brave

So fall in love and get your heart broken

Learn French and fail miserably

Laugh, sing, cry, scream, dance, run, write, climb, lead, build, give, dream

And start all over again

Do ‘it’

Whatever your ‘it’ might be

When I was 16 my ‘it’ was YouTube

And at midnight 3 June’s ago

I went from being another teenage girl with an idea and a dream

To a 20 year old living a reality that rivals made for TV movies

And if you were to tell my teenage midnight self

That that particular instance of sheer bravery would change the rest of my life

Well, I would have done it a whole lot sooner.

- Meghan Rienks, HÄR.



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