Hi gang! Me again. I've been super busy with work, Ella being ill, me not feeling great and now Christmas that I haven't had a chance to show you the kitchen hack I did recently. We got Ella one of the Aldi wooden kitchens in their toy event a little while ago for £29.99, which is her main christmas present this year. I've seen so many people doing theirs up and personalising them, so I knew for ages that I wanted to do one myself. Fast forward through my Pinterest board and a shop to Poundland/Hobbycraft later and I've finished it!

All in all it took me around 4 hours one evening to do, but there's a couple of little last minute touches I want to add; such as a hook for Ella's little apron and spray paint some matching pots and pans. I hope you love it, so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

What I did:

1. Wrapped the worktop with marble vinyl from Hobbycraft. This cost me £6 for a roll and there's so much left. I'm tempted to do something else up in the house now. Oh! I might actually do this with my vanity table, as this has a piece of glass on top and I think it would look really good with the marble coming through.

2. Next I wrapped the backsplash. This was actually a roll of wallpaper I have lying around (and intend on using in the downstairs bathroom) but haven't used yet. I knew I was spraying the taps and handles gold, so this gold geo print was just perfect. Plus, the kitchen will be sitting in our living room and I really want to paint the room this colour soon anyway! The roll was about £30, but I've seen samples online that you could use for this purpose, and those retail for £1.99.

3. Next I sprayed the taps, sink bowl, handles and painted the cooker hobs. Annoyingly, the hobs and dials/cupboard handles didn't come off, so I had to wrap the worktop with them on and then paint them instead of spraying as intended. I like the result though, and after a couple of patch ups with the marble, I don't think you can tell that I struggled with this part!

4. Next up was the construction of the kitchen. I was in two minds to paint the cupboards etc at this point, so I thought I'd build it to see how it looked at this stage. Post-construction I was really pleased with how it looked and think I'll leave it like this for now - or until my impulsiveness gets the better of me.

5. Lastly I added some finishing touches such as touch lights inside the microwave and oven for a realistic feel. I'm also trying to find the perfect coat hook to add to the side for Ella's apron and then I think it'll be done!

All in all, this hack cost me £8 and I'm so bloody happy with it. It's received a fab response over on Instagram, with some of you saying you're saving it as inspo for when you eventually have kids! Amazing :) If you'd like to see some videos of the kitchen, head over to Instagram and click on the KITCHEN HACK highlight xo