Style check

Just checking and telling my opinion about these outfits today! Today is Justin Bieber's, Hailey Baldwin's, Emily Ratajkawski’s, Blake Lively's and Gigi Hadid's turn to be style checked!

Blake Lively with this super cute pantsuit! I like how the colors go together so well. Blake usually likes to wear pantsuits and this is my favorite one of them! The handbag, in my opinion, doesn't go so well with the outfit, but it's still okay. The braid Blake has is absolutely magnificent! It's simple but still elegant. I really like this outfit! Including earrings, heels and tie! It is just one gorgeous outfit!

Like someone wise once said, that you always need in your closet one pair of skinny jeans and a blank white T-shirt. And that's so true! It is classy choise for a everyday outfit and also in this pic it looks amazing on my favorite model ever, Gigi Hadid. Of course still the shirt has a nice small skeleton detail. Also, red lipstick looks super chic. This is a super nice basic outfit you can wear everyday!

Emily Ratajkawaski has a nice white half shoulder off dress. If you look closely, you can see that it has a nice ripped hem. The outfit has also nice accessories, including sunglasses, big ring earrings, a purse, a diamond ring and a bracelet. Her hair is nicely just open and flying in the wind. I think this outfit looks super cute and in the color white, The dress looks super summerly. I think this is a cool outfit and gets from me 9½/10.

So lately Justin Bieber has started wearing these hawaii themed shirts. I dont really like this style but is still looks okay. But i really do like Hailey Baldwins outfits on these pics. At the firs picture she has nice jeans and a denim jacket. I think its a nice natural look that she has in this pic. In the second shirt picture she has a nice green colored denim skirt and a jacket. Like we can see, Hailey likes to wear denim that looks really amazing on her! I think they both have a nice own style that looks awesome!

Well, that's all for today and hopefully we will see again next monday!

XOXO, Style check✔️

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