Selena Gomez

Hello everyone! Today I have chosen outfit by Selena Gomez. I have tried to found similar clothes that Selena has on and i'm going to link them down. She has a black top and a brown leather jacket. Flare jeans with a brown belt, black boots/heels and a eggshell white purse. She has her hair nicely down with little beach wave curls. I think it is an amazing outfit!

The leather jacket. .

I really like the leather jacket and i found the closest jacket from Zalando. Its not the exactly same but it's still pretty close. This jacket costs 199.95€.

The black top.

For the black top i found the most similar that are Mango fashion brand from Boozt website. This shirt costs 12.99€.

The flare jeans.

I couldn't find the exactly same flare jeans but i found almost the same colored jeans that are Mango brand and i found these from Boozt website. These jeans cost 49.99€.

The belt.

For the belt i think i found pretty much the same color and width, but I didn’t find exactly the same golden belt buckle. I found this belt from Zalando website. It costs 19.95€.

You can't really see what the purse and the shoes are alike so i decided to not look for them. But pretty much any white purse and black boots/high heels go just fine! :)

But, that's all for today and i will hopefully see you on the next text!

XOXO, stylecheck

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