How many here can not keep track of their belongings for school? I know I can't. Therefore I give you 10 tips to school.

1. Be organized.

Being organized is very important when you go to school. You will not have a bag full of sheets that should have been delivered several months ago. My top tip here is to provide a binder so you can keep track of sheets and important messages you get. The same with textbooks and notebooks. If you lay them spread throughout the house you will forget some when you go to school.. I would recommend adding all school books and notebooks on a certain place in your room. This eliminates the need to look through the whole house and you're not going to forget the ones you need.

2. Save time in the morning.

If you use a long time in the morning or like to sleep a little longer, it's helpful to do some of the stuff you do in the morning the night before. . Such as packing your backpack, showering, making your lunch or pack your p.e bag/kit. This will save you some time in the morning and is very wise to do.

3. Mark your stuff.

If you always lend pens, pencils etc, then it can be an awesome idea to mark what is yours. Then you'll always know where the pen or pencil is, and it's really easy to do. If you have any washi-tape you can use that or you can use nail polish/paint. I always do this and it's much easier this way. If I know I have lent one of my pens, I can just see after the ones with washi-tape on them. Much easier this way I will tell you.

4. Pay attention and be active in class.

This is very important when you are in school. If you don't pay attention in class your grades will drop. Being active orally in class is also very important. Part of your character goes on how active you are orally. I'm not very active orally in class and my grades suffer from it. Had I been more verbal I would had much better grades than what I have. So pay attention and be active.

5. Minimize remarks.

If you have many remarks your grades can drop, so be careful so you don't get many remarks. Follow the rules of the school and if you are nice it's going to go very well. Do not forget things very often either because you can get marked for it.

6. Bring a water bottle / fruit.

If you get thirsty or hungry in class it's very wise to carry a water bottle and some fruit. Then you won't have to ask if you can go to drink and you don't have to sit being hungry in class.

7. Don't be up late.

This is very important when you go to school. You should not sit up late at night and watch Netflix or YouTube. Then you will just be grumpy and annoyed when you are in school. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to have a good day.

8. Have something to look forward to.

If you have something to look forward to during the week, it's going to be a lot better to be at school.. If you, for example, one day in the week where you hang with your friends or you have a day were you're going to have something delicious for dinner, so you have something to enjoy and it's better than being sad and upset because you have to go to school and then do your homework.

9. Do not worry about the negative.

When you are in school it's going to be very much negative. There may be rumors about you that is not true or someone is bothering you. Just do not worry about it you know what is true and not. Certain someone bothers / bully you or anyone else then it is very wise to speak out. Say to whoever bothers you that you do not like it and that h * n should stop. If s/he doesn't stop, you should tell a teacher who can speak to the person. Do not be afraid to speak out about it if it's something that happens to you or others before it's too late.

10. Be yourself

This is the key tip. Be yourself because nothing is better than being yourself. Be yourself and not a copy. A copy is not as valuable as an original. Follow your heart and do what you want to do. Do not be afraid to speak your opinion even if everyone else thinks otherwise. And if someone can not accept that you are being yourself, that person is not worthy your time. Stay you!

Hope these tips where helpful for some of you. Comment down below when you go back to school or if you already have gone back. Make sure to tell me what you want to see on this blog.