Hi everyone !

Hope all if fine with you. I know that many have now graduated (congratulations on that !) and we all most probably have that one friend that we would like to give something special. Something that reminds them of us, our times and memories that we share together. Therefore I though of recommending this online shp that has loads of high quality products. The shop is called NoteMaker and has everything from stationary, bottles, paper to bags including various brands. 

With love, 

StudySquad, dream study team

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Medical dolls !

Badge holders are usually very boring and nice ones are very hard to find and expensive.

But not anymore !

@Medical_dolls on instagram has started making customized doll badge holders according to your wish. Made with love, these holders do not only look amazing yet they are also affordable. And they are made fully according to your prescriptions.

To get yours you can contact her on :

Mail - mbmedaksa@gmail.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/medical.dolls/

Instagram - @medical_dolls

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Dear student,

We all know how much you have studied for this exam but we must keep one thing in mind, this exam only assess one thing.


That one thing might not be the thing that makes you special and unique to both your teachers, friends and family.

This exam is important but it does not assess you as a whole.

This important exam is written by people that may not know your hidden language talent, or your passion to drawing or singing or how good you are at a certain sport or how much your friends can count on you or how strong of a person you are or how your smile can make anyone’s day brighter or that you take your siblings to school everyday or that you work to help your family’s economy or how trustworthy of a person you are, and the list is long.

These are only some things of the long list that the writers of the exam and examiners might not know.

This exam is important, we all know that, and that is why you study for that day.

It will be one day, and then you it will be over, and that is why you might currently be counting down for just that day.

But always keep in mind that whatever happens in that exam room.

Whatever letter or number is written on that exam paper when you get it back does not assess you.

Remember all those talents or yours, they are not assessed.

This exam might be important for you but it is not more important than You.

And because You is all that matters this exam is not determining you because all your talents were not examined in it.

It might not be the best exam you have sat, but never give up, because if it was not good in your opinion it can always be improved and sometimes your strength comes from acknowledging your weakness.

Dear student, I know that this exam is important, that is why you study so that whenever you enter the exam room you know that you have done your part.

And, if you have studied and know that your part was done successfully you should remember that this exam assess only one thing and that thing might not be your talent.

We all believe in you, remember that ! 

/StudySquad, dream study team



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Dominik Klug

Amazing is an underestimation of what this guy has done. With a goal to share his personal experiences of his internship with other students to benefit from he did not only publish a free PDF under the name “Internship Success Hacks” yet he also recently published a second PDF under the name “Make the most of your internship”.

His first PDF file containing 15 tips for medical students, student nurses and pharmacy students was downloaded over 1000 times. He has put down so much time and effort to produce this only for you to benefit, not a lot of people would do that.

Thank you for doing this Dominik !

His second PDF file can be found below :

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qx1tctczoo9npw1/Make the most of your internship .pdf?dl=0

/StudySquad, dream study team



Dear future me,

Hope you have made 2017 your year. This is the year of your exams, the year that determines your future, do not only study hard but also make sure to make it memorable.

Make sure to spend time with your family, friends and beloved ones because the time you have to do so is limited.

I know that you were very worried about the mock exams and the final exams, how did it go ? Did you get the score you wanted or not ? Could the score you got support your whitecoat dream or not ? Whether it did or not I hope you did not keep comparing yourself to others, because at the end of the day you are not them, always remember that.

Anyways, I hope you really made the best of your last term in high school and that you allowed yourself to have some happy moments, because at the end they are what will be remembered. Also, I hope you kept the diary and continued capturing each day, because those days will be memorable, especially when you decide close this current chapter and start a new one. Those memories are and will forever be very valuable, I hope you’ve realized.

About your dream, whether you decided to take a gap year or start chasing your whitecoat dream, I hope you’re happy with the decision you made. Also, about school, are you still running StudySquad, do you have anyone helping you with it or are you now doing it alone ? I really hope you did not quit it, because I think you must have realized that it actually motivates people to study for their dream. Did you ever start a YouTube channel ? And if you did how was the feedback ? Do/did people like it or not ?

Dear future me, I do not know at what stage of working towards your dream you are currently at but I hope that you are happy and proud of whatever you have achieved.



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Since christmas is just around the corner I thought of making a short post recommending some things to buy as christmas gifts for someone loved.

These gifts are of course linked to studying, stationary and organization.

1. If you would like to give someone something very special for them to keep track of their days with, what could be better than a planner ? And that planner does not need to be one of those planners found in stores but rather a gift card at Personal Planner which allows them to design a planner themselves. Believe me, they will thank you forever !

2. If you do not want to give someone a gift card because that is way too ordinary but you still want something really special then DayCraft have recently started making planners with engraved names so you can basically gift them a high class planner with their name on it. (15% off discount code : DTDFDV49 )

3. If none of those above apply to you or you just simply do not want to gift a planner but you still want something that has to do with stationary then DayCraft offers very high class and quality notebooks without spirals. Some people do not favour spiral but this company has notebooks without the troublesome spiral and notebooks covered in Fine Italian PU.

4. If you would like to get your loved one something for them to keep organized there are folders, card pockets, envelope folders, iPad pockets, iPhone pockets, computer pockets, passport holders, and organizers in many different types that can be found on Daycraft under accessories. They make your stationary really organized and really high quality.

5. If you on the other hand would like to give away a notebook that has a spiral then you can personalize one at personal planner too. When personalizing it you decide both how the pages are going to look and how they are going to be divided up and the cover pages' design. how awsome ?!

The links to the products are : 

http://www.personal-planner.com/US/ and http://daycraft.co/en/ 

Those were all my tips for this time, and stay tuned because soon a post about the companies Daycraft and Personal Planner are going to be uploaded. 

This post is in collaboration with Personal Planner and Daycraft.

/ StudySquad, dream study team.



It has now been such a long while ago since this blog was updated and since school has started again I through of starting up this blog again. Thus, it will hopefully be updated at least once every two weeks or so.

Many of the DMs I get on instagram are from people wondering how to deal with stress. So, I decided to make this post about that topic.

School start is usually easy but a few weeks into school every single subject has a deadline or a test. This tends to be very stressful for many students and that's where the allnighters come into the picture. To start off, allnighters will not be able to give you that A, nor will they be able to give you straight A's in all your subjects. You will only ruin your body and brain by doing this everyday for a week before every test and deadine you have.

Instead, you can take 15-30 minutes everyday to revise your classnotes after school. This will not only make the information stick but it will also make you seem like a boss infront of your teacher during your next class because concepts are always linkeed in a way or another. Also, whenever your test is around the corner you will hopefully recognize the information when studying and you are then giving yourself time to link everything together to get the overall picture of the topic/-s.

Hope this works if you decide to try it out ! 

/StudySquad, dream study team 



Summer studying might be one of the hardest thing to do for many, because there is the beach, and then your friends and then you really want to have fun too. However, this studying is crucial for many of us to be able to pass with excelent marks.

So here comes the real question, how does one manage to do it ?

Well. it is so that when it is lighter outside your brain can work effectively for a longer time than when it is dark outside. Thus take the chance and your books of course and go study outside. Go to a calm place and bring a blanket and sit on it with your books or go to a place that has a bench or even easier sit in your garden if your house has one.

Which ever one you decide to do, or even if you decide to sit and study inside open a window and sit so that the sun reaches your study place, not too much to distract though. And do not forget to take a short break in the sun and actually get some vitamin D.

Good luck !

//Dream study team, StudySquad

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A mistake that many tend to do, including myself is that we don't dare to take breaks.
Breaks are important and I've also written this in previous a post but this can't be emphasized enough.
Our brains will not take in more if it is not given any breaks nor will it even take in anything. Because our brains need breaks to process what we learn. Thus, trying to squeeze everything into your brain will not help any.
Dare to treat yourself with some short snack/water/bathroom break because your brain will need those minutes to process what you've learnt.
/StudySquad, dream study team



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Hello there !

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day so far. Thought that I would do small updates more often than doing larger ones like once a week. So, with that being written here we go.

One of today’s tips is to speak up what you have read. How to do this is that first you read a text, paragraph or passage and then you speak it out loudly or write it down. This will help your brain recall when in exam position.

PS. Another tip will be posted at 17:45 (UTC+1:00)

// StudySquad, dream study team

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