I still have not handed in my 5th and last assignment on this months course ( distance learning) and although I have spoken to the my teacher about it still does not feel right. I have been working and today my husband went on a 2 days business trip.

It’s not easy having 5 kids all by myself and trying to be on point with studies,work and house chores. With that being said my priorities were my kids and will always be them.

I just need to find a solution on how to recover from this and hand in the assignment as soon as possible.

I am by the way doing all of my courses on distance learning as I find that more convenient because I am already familiar with every course that I’ll be taking as I’ve been through them before so it’s the better grades that I am chasing and I can do it through e learning.

plan for Tomorrow

Anyways tomorrow is Friday and I’ll b working from 7.30-16:00, wake up at 5:30 am and wake my children,gotta take them to nursery first (3 of them) @ 7:00 and (2 of them ) school by 7:15 and after that go to work. After the shift is over I’ll bring all of them home, by 5 we r hopefully all indoors. It’s dinner, home made burger and fries are on the menu.

What about my studies?

I need at least 2h for my assignment and with my schedule the only way to get those hours are 1h between 4:30-5:30am and 1h between 8-9pm.

Wish me luck ✨

I’ll review the week on Sunday

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As I have mentioned in my about me post I dropped out high school/ college at the age of 17 so never got the chance to get all of A level grades. So the first step for me would be to start there.

By the way I live in Sweden  (thank the lord) education is free. 

In order for me to apply for uni though here in Sweden I have to have 2500 points. Every A level subject has a minimum of 50points it’s never lower than that but there are sum subject that have up to 200point.

So far i have 1100 points,all in grades A and B that’s  11 subjects each 100 point. So I have 1400 poi left to improve my grades if I want to get into uni.

But it’s not only the points that count. Grades matter too.

Depending on what I want to study 📖 at university, the more A in grades that I have in subjects the easier it will be to get into my chosen field.

My study goals this year are to get:

  • As many A as possible.
  • Get the remaining 1400 point.
  •  Apply for uni October 2018.

Sounds a lot but I’m determined to achieve those goals this year.

Here is my plan.

Currently I am doing a course which is on 200 point which ends 29 of January 2018. I have then left 1100 points in 11month, 100 points every month will get me there. I can apply for university in October when I have 200 points left but that’s okey Because the last date to hand in my final grades is in December.

So far it sounds achievable:) only time will tell how it will turn out in reality.



Hi everyone!

I am a studying mother of 5 children, who has decided to blog about my journey on achieving higher education while being a wife, mom and working part time.

To keep long story short, I am high school/college dropout who started having children at a young age, I actually had all my children before the age of 30.

I have never been bad in school it’s just that I just left school at 17. Anyways today and in the years comin I will do everything in my power to achieve higher education, hopefully graduate uni.

I will be blogging about the whole journey and share any ideas that are making my life easier.This is kind of gonna be my dairy. I know it won’t b easy but I wanna prove to everyone out there that dreams are achievable if you set your mind to it.

I am very determined to make my dream of achieving higher education come true. I can then enjoy the freedom that achievement brings into my life.