I never expected him to say that... I was kinda disappointed because I thought since he's french and was taught the famous french values of "Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood" that he would be more open minded and more welcoming. It seems I still don't fully know him yet even though we've been classmates since September, and seeing each other everyday from 8 to 5pm.

In my views, muslim women must be respected as much as catholic women. So, I asked this friend a rhetoric question to which he failed to answer coherently: If catholics could wear a rosary or a bracelet with a christian symbol on it, why can't muslims do the same?

Instead, he answered me: "Well, it's to protect the public. If women were to wear Hijab, how could we identify them if they commit terrorism". I got pissed and answered: "Have you already heard women wearing hijab commit such barbarism and was unable to be identified?" I mean, today, you could identify anyone just by having their fingerprint or blood sample. I think he said that under the context of terrorist attacks that are causing to fear muslims in France. But how could you generalize such connotation to all muslims? It's like saying all women are bitches because they seduce men in clubs or have a one night stand with them(no intention to offence any woman).

I have no muslim friend(But if I were to have, I would surely defend him/her), and I am a devoted catholic but I have a huge respect for the french values, their idea of laïcité(Secularism) while allowing people to practice they own religion, fascinates me. Indeed, I believe that the harmony of this two contradicting concepts would promote a cohesive society.

No offence to anyone but I prefer to have muslim friends who hide their face but show great and humble personality than those who reveal their face but are very hypocritical.

Thank you.

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