My thoughts on racism// Veronica

I think it's bad that people get discriminated because of their religion, skin color, culture, gender and everything like that.

Everyone is equally worthwhile, in my mind no one is different because of their skin color, religion or culture. It doesn't depend on how you look like, what you believe in.

Everyone should have the same rights, all children should have the right to go to school.

Every adult should have the right to work, everyone should have the right to medical care.

Everyone has the right to get paid for work.

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Racism in football

Racism in football is wrong.

It should not appear in the football.

Many players are called stuff on the plane because of their skin color.

For example, Balotelli has been called many things through his career.

it does not matter what skin color you have in football.

It's wrong to be racist because it does not matter what skin color you have.

it's wrong wherever you are somewhere.

you shouldn't have to feel offended when you play football.



Racism in school has become a major problem in the world. As a student you may have to deal with people who make a hurtful remarks about your race or and another's.

My opinion for racism in schools is that every day someone get picked on because of their culture or their skin color

I think that's everyone should be respected from everybody because it's doesn't matter where you from or what color you have.

In some in some schools students get offended by teachers and others.



Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race, religion, culture and more.

Every day someone is exposed for racial questions.

Some people think that everyone from example Afghan is terrorists, but that's not the case. More than 80% of the people there are normal people just like you and me.

In the United States year 1955 only white people was allowed to sit in the front of the bus, but one day a woman named Rosa Parks who was afroamerican decided to sit in the front the driver got mad and told her to sit in the back but she sat on the same spot the whole ride.

That was just one of the many good things that has happened, and more to come….



This is Seyar's story.

He and his cousin was walking all the way from Afghan to Turkey, then he got on a boat to Greece. The boat was very full so it wasn't much room to stay in, it was about 42 people on the boat.

When Seyar and his cousin had come to Greece they was lifting whit people, they lifted pretty much and one month later they were in Germany. From Germany they took a train to Sweden.

On the trip people were shot and threatened. It was scary everyday was a challenge.

He and his cousin got split up in Sweden so they lives apart from each other.