If you are a weed expert, you may definitely have heard of AK47. This is well known all over the world for having the most THC and strongest smell among the marijuana family. This goes together with White Widow and Afghan Kush. The AK47 comes from a blend of Colombian and Thai/Afghani and was developed in 1992. If you come to think about it, this type has some serious awards during the High Times Cannabis Cup since 1994.

If you are good in your sense of smell, you could sense it within the room because of its sweet and musty smell. This is actually good for sleeping and relaxing. For those people who have insomnia or is treating stress, this may help in easing the pain and anxiety that one is feeling. The uplifting of the smoke gives you more than just relaxation but it also helps in clearing your mind. If you are yearning for some laughs, then this could help you to unwind and express those giggles. It would definitely be more fun to hang out with some few friends and even a girlfriend to start with.

What is great about this AK47 is that it is easy to grow this weed both indoor and outdoor and could easily give you a lot of yield. Flowering time takes at least 9 weeks and would give you 14 ounces of yield per square meter. If you would like to know how to grow weed like AK47 could be planted in spring and harvest time would be during fall, probably the end of October when it is at its peak. If you have some nosy neighbors, you might want to put your weed away from them because it has this pungent smell that may create some problem.

The AK47 is definitely one of the best types when it comes to medicinal properties. It is often being used with some mental disorders. A lot of physicians now prescribe this one as a help in medical strain because it has high power of releasing stress especially to those who are always feeling down and in the lowest mood. Muscle spasms are treated from this also and would give you more relaxation time without having to sleep. To those who doesn’t have much appetite, this can be used as a cure. It definitely will give you the food craving that you haven’t had in the past.

This weed has only very little side effect such as dizziness and lightheadedness. There are some very few instances or cases which one could feel an inch of paranoia and some head problems. Like all the others, the AK47 should be taken in moderate dose to ensure the best output.