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Simple. Easy. Delicious. Let it cook while you get some other things done for the next 45 minutes.


This meal's measurements are based on how much you're hungry for. Lump up some ground beef in a bowl. Add lemon pepper, Garlic powder and salt. Mix it all nice and well.

Now take whatever veggies you'd like to eat and chop em up nice. In our case we used broccoli, onions, sliced potatoes, frozen bag of corn, carrots and peas.

Next step take some foil and place on a cookie sheet. Lay out enough foil to wrap around all the food. Put a few dabs of BBQ sauce down. Place the ball of ground beef on top. Surround it wit veggies placing the potatoes and onions on top. Add a few more drops of BBQ sauce and a tablespoon wallop of butter. Wrap it all up nice and good. Folding in all the sides.

Check in 45 mins. Make sure ground beef is nice and fully cooked and enjoy πŸ˜ƒ

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So I've been trying to get this whole grey silver hair for a while. I have dark black hair. 1st bleaching went well. No hair damage. tried grey and turns out my hair wasn't white enough to take the grey. Let that sit in for a while then bleached it again with 40 developer.. like an idiot. Lets just say now I have short hair.

After getting bleaching the second time it was this brassy color. Of course had to turn to youtube on how to fix that. Got some purple shampoo and toner and it worked!! For half of my hair lol the first 4 inches of my hair were still a bright yellow kinda brassy. The rest of my hair was white lol not the best of looks.

After some damage control thanks to Argain Oil, my hair isn't as stringy. Still need some damage control since it's thirsty all the time and not as soft as it was before. Gave it some time and did another bleaching to finally get my hair to a one tone blonde. Glad to say it finally all matches ^_^ Roots have already started to grow out but that's ok

it's been about 3 months now and i'm just glad i'm not bald and its all the same color. Kind of gave up on the whole grey silver look. I do want to color it but it needs to be white before i turn it silver.

As of now i'm a happy blonde ^_^