three things to do in my city on Christmas

Today it is saint Lucia and in many parts of Europe (but also in some areas of northern Italy) it's this saint who brings gifts instead of Santa Claus. Today is also the name day of my mother who is called, in fact, Lucia.

For us it is an important saint, however, it is Santa Claus who thinks of bringing presents on December 24th.

I live in Naples, a very popular city in southern Italy and visited by tourists from all over the world. In summer the climate is very hot and torrid, for this reason some people prefer to come here in spring or in winter. The Christmas season here is very felt, only pity that it does not fall snow.

If you decide to spend a Christmas a little different, then come and visit me in my city!

Below, I'll list three things to do in Naples during the Christmas season.

First thing to do: Visit the street of the cribs.

There are many different types of cribs all over the world. During the Christmas period it is present in all Neapolitan homes. The crib is a representation of the birth of Jesus, which originated from medieval traditions; initially Italian, the custom of setting up the crib is widespread today in all the catholic countries of the world.

The Neapolitan crib It's characterized by the splendor, the spectacular, the crowded figures, the urban setting and the reproduction of very elaborate scenes.

Second thing to do: Eat Christmas sweets!

Yes, every nation has its own typical sweets of Christmas and although I prefer the Nordic sweets with cinnamon and ginger, I point out some delights not to be missed!


Risultati immagini per immagini gratuite pastiera

The pastiera is a short pastry cake filled with a mixture made with ricotta, candied fruit, sugar, eggs and wheat boiled in milk. The pasta is crisp while the filling is soft. The color is very intense golden yellow. The scent and the flavor change according to the spices and the aromas used during the preparation. In the classic recipe the aromas used are cinnamon, candied fruit, orange peel, vanilla and orange flower water

Struffoli. Risultati immagini per dolci natalizi napoletani

The struffoli are th eChristmas cake typical of the Neapolitan tradition, they are small balls of dough, no more than 5-10 mm in diameter, fried in oil and covered with warm honey. .


The susamielli are typical Neapolitan sweets that are prepared for Christmas. They have a dough based on flour, sugar, almonds, honey and spices, they have the shape of an "S" and are usually sold together with the most famous roccocò and mustaccioli.


Roccocò is a typical Neapolitan dessert, with a roundish shape similar to that of a flattened donut, of an average size of 10 cm. The rococo is made with almonds, citrus fruits and many spices (pisto) that give it its unique flavor.


The mustaccioli are typical biscuits that are prepared at Christmas, have a rhomboidal shape and are covered with a chocolate glaze.

Obviously all the desserts will be accompanied by our inevitable espresso coffee! We drink a lot of coffee here!

Third thing to do: celebrate the New Year's Eve on the promenade of Naples

Risultati immagini per immagini gratuite lungomare napoli

Risultati immagini per immagini gratuite lungomare napoli

As someone will already know in my city there is hardly ever the intense cold, if it arrives it goes away in a short time.

Risultati immagini per immagini gratuite capodanno sul lungomare napoli

For this reason in Naples it is possible to celebrate the New Year on our seafront which is perhaps the most beautiful in the world with live music, open-air discos and thousands of people ready to have fun all night! To admire a breathtaking sunrise I suggest you go on the hill of Posillipo where everything becomes magical ..

Risultati immagini per immagini gratuite alba da posillipo napoli

Do you think it's worth taking a walk in my city?I took the pictures from the internet, I had not all of them taken by me.I confess one thing: I love the snow, the mountains, the markets ... I am very Nordic inside: D

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Anche mia mamma si chiama Lucia e anche a Bergamo la Santa porta i doni 😊
Non sapevo che questa tradizione ci fosse anche in Italia, l'ho scoperto da poco! È interessante però!
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