Heyyyy! Whatsup? I’m all good just a little slow. I just need to start getting in bed in time. I’ve been tired now in the mornings for long time, not cool! Energized is the new black, said someone smart say 20 years ago...Oh well I’m trying to jump onto that, better late than never! So much to do and so little time though...

Well back to the subject, my new hair! My mum called me yesterday during work and told me she got time in the evening for me so I went to her salon straight after work. I’ve been planning on cutting some kind of bang for a long time and started the process I few months back, maybe two? I don’t even remember. But we started slowly and didn’t cut too much but I felt ready yesterday to cut off some more off so I don’t have to part it all the time to get it away from my eyes. It’s still possible though which is something I love about this look. And since it grows out pretty fast I didn’t hesitate too much and just let her cut it.

Since my hair is pretty thin you don’t really get the look you might see in your head but I’m super happy with the result. We cut it all in the same length and didn’t cut it straight off. I’m tired of the perfect look and wanted to go for a more loose style. Love it! We put some highlights in too so I feel more than ready for spring! Love the result. Thank you mommy!!

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Overnight oats for breakfast as per usual...

Chia seeds
Vanilla powder
Almond milk/Soymilk
Chopped banana
Frozen blueberries

1. Mix; 3parts oats with 1 part chia seeds and top it of with cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla.

2. Pour some water over it, just to make it cheaper and with less calories haha. And cover your mixture with milk and mix.

3. Add the banana and blueberries and stir.

4. Finish up with more milk if needed. It swells a bit over night so don’t be afraid to add liquids!

5. Refrigerate over night and eat it as it is or top it of with more fruits, granola and peanut butter!

So delicious! I eat this for breakfast and as a snack in the afternoon every day...

I’m ready for you Monday!




Dinner at my place...

I spent my valentines at home with delicious food and good company! This Asian sashimi was awesome. Does any of you want the recipe? And what did you do for valentines? Did you spend it with your partner or with your friends or not at all?

I like holidays like this as long as they don’t cause you any stress or put you in a bad mood. I try to find reasons to shimmer and celebrate every day. But if it has a negative impact I just try to ignore them!




Happy sunday guys!

How are you? I’m good. I slept in this morning since I went to bed pretty late. I didn’t really do anything last night, I just hung out at home, but barely spent any time in my apartment this weekend so it was cosy to just hang out there for a bit with myself even though it got super late. I caught up on some videos on YouTube and FaceTimed with Becca that was out partying at one of my favorite places!

Mum came and woke me up with a smoothie and I made myself a coffee before I headed out in the garden. Dad’s cutting down an enormous tree so helped him out with picking up the sticks that fell down!

We’re just about going to the store for a bit to pick up some boards for a project I’m doing at home before my brother is coming home for a Sunday dinner. Hopefully I get to bed at a decent time so I feel energized and ready for the upcoming week!





So excited about having a jammie party!

I decided to host a pajama party for my birthday. I don’t really know where I got the idea from but it thought it’d be fun with something different! It’s in a week on Saturday so I have some prep to do. I just ordered this pyjama from Lindex, hopefully it will fit. Not what I had in mind planning the party at first but I really liked this one and think it’s one of those pieces that you can wear at “normal” occasions too. Both separate and together. So excited, I really hope it’ll fit and that the party turn out as planned!



Dinner and drinks at Parlour!

Sooo hey guys! We need to talk about this dinner we had celebrating Johanna turning 25! We had! And I’ve been using exclamation marks three times in a row now haha...

So since almost all of my friends are turning 25 this year the celebrations just continues. I don’t mind though!

We me up at Johanna’s apartment last Saturday for a drink before we headed to Parlour in Gothenburg! She had preordered some food and wine and it just kept coming haha. It was so delicious and such a great way to celebrate her. They flavors were a little bit different but so yummy. The ambiance and the food reminded me so much about New York! Which is a good thing haha. I take all the good vibes I can get. After tons of food and hotshots we were ready and moved from the restaurant to the dance floor in the same building. Like you do at Vandal or Tao in New York hehe. They were playing HIPHOP!!! No one was happier than me and Annie. We ended the night at 8 nightclub with some other good friends. I got a ride home in a decent time though which was good since I had a game the day after. I was feeling great waking up though and just happy and grateful for fun friends and new memories!




Hey guys! Some of you have shown interest in my pink hair so I thought I’d make and hair guide/tutorial for you and tell you which products I use.

This picture is from April 2016 when I dyed my hair pink for the third time. I was out of the product I used the first two times in New York from Creative image and tried one from L’Oréal. The result turned out good. The only problem was that the color faded quickly. Already after the first shower I think it looked like it does under the picture below in the middle! The bottle lasted for more than one session though but it’s pretty annoying having to re-do it all the time so I wouldn’t recommend that product!

Here’s some mixed pictures from when I was pink haired. My personal favorites are the ones at the top row when it had a peachy touch! Which look do you prefer?

This is a picture from when I last dyed it! I mixed “cotton candy” nr 194 with “fruit punch” nr 191 and a lot of conditioner in a bowl! Depending on how much “peach” or pink you want in your hair you decide the proportions. I usually go with 60% cotton candy and 40% fruit punch and maybe double the amount when I add conditioner. So 1 part haircolor and 1 part conditioner.

This makes sense but telling you anyways, if you have longer and thinker hair you need more finished product than if you have shorter and thinner.

I dye it when I shower. I start by washing it thoroughly twice with shampoo to really open up the hair. After that I put on gloves and take my own mixed product and just really massaged it in everywhere. Depending on how “dark” I want it I let it stay in longer. I would leave it in for 10 minutes for the first time then shower the next day and then the day after that do the procedure all over again to get an even result. Maybe put it in at the ends first if it’s brighter there and then all over. All hairs are different and depending on how you treated it earlier some parts suck up the products better. But I felt like I got the best result after doing it twice since you’re not really using a good technique to apply it.

After I’ve been letting it sit in for 5-15 minutes I just wash it out and add some more conditioner if necessary. I make sure to rinse it throughly before I dry it and smile to myself in the mirror for choosing pink hair haha.

And I don’t know how the product work on hair that isn’t bleached but to get the best result I think you need a bright bleached blonde hair! As you can see on the pictures too the pink doesn’t stick to my darker natural roots!

I bought my bottles at Ricky’s in New York but if you google the brand I’m sure you can find it somewhere close to you. I know that amazon has it, putting a link here too!

I’m really excited about trying the blue and green one mixed together for next session! I’ll keep you posted.

Hope you enjoyed this and give me feedback or questions so I can update it for you if anything’s missing!




Red wine and pizza, all you need on a Friday night!




Hey babes! How are you? I had an awesome weekend! I was so slow on Friday night. I made some pulled beef taco with my dad for us and shortly after eating that and taking a shower I was in bed. I stayed there for a long time. So well needed. I’ve been really behind on sleep lately. I really hope I’ll squeeze in more this week! Hate being tired. I stayed in bed until it was time to party on Saturday evening haha. But more about that in next post with pictures from the night. I just wanted to tell you about my Sunday first!

I played a handballgame in Kungsbacka with the girls. We lost but had so much fun playing so it was okay anyways. After the game we went to Hede Fashionoutlet that’s so close to the gym that we played in. We went for some delicious burgers at this place called Diné!

We made time for some shopping too! I can’t decide if this jacket is too much or not?! Oh well, I’ll won’t be seeing the back so that’ll be your problem guys!

CALL 911 ! I love pink and red in combination. So easy to make a budget version too. Just put a pink top on and top it off with some red lipstick!

I am soooo excited to wear this outfit. Give me sun and spring now!!! These pants gives me life.

The burger was so good. But I have to say that my favorite part was the fries in combination with the truffle mayo. I thought I died and went to heaven for a bit. I was crazy hungry too so it tasted incredible. But if you’re ever around I think it’s worth a visit. Cool vibe in the restaurant too, at least for being at an outlet.

Yup, see you after next weekend with more mistakes in my pocket cause I’m all about learning and improving!

Thank you mum for great company on an awesome Sunday!




Life's a journey that never ends, or does it? For every day that passes you flip the page and after an adventure with a lot of pages written a new chapter will begin. Sitting up in the air ending an amazing experience in New York a new one begins, or I'm actually going back to an older one. The chapter about my grandpa, about the old man that has been with me my entire life. The man that always was on time, even a little bit early. The man that let you ride with him in the car without a seatbelt (that was cool when you were 7, not anymore). The man that always wore his wooden shoes. The man that made you pancakes whenever you asked for it. The man who always helped you with anything you ever wanted. The only man a never let say goodbye without giving me a hug.

Life has been pretty easy due to the circumstances but I think it is because I've learned how to turn it off a little bit. I've been through so many goodbyes lately that I don't even remember anymore. And it actually does get easier. But that doesn't mean that it's less painful when you actually allow yourself to feel it.

I'm thinking back to the day when I was moving to America. I woke up next to Jonas, packed the last things and we went to grandpa for my last meal (pancakes of course) before I was leaving Sweden and my home for a while. He's been sick for a long time but spending time at his has always been something I've liked to do. When we were younger I loved going there for holidays with the family to eat delicious food, enjoy the company of my relatives and to watch Cartoon Network. We always watched Tom and Jerry haha. Sometimes just going there to watch him watching soccer or listen to him complaining about how bad Zlatan is.

Whenever you were going somewhere or if you came back he always wanted to know about the distances, temperatures and time differences. If he only knew how work Siri out. Oh boy, she would've had to think and talk constantly and tell him all about that and some numbers of people in the audiences on games and how many that could fit in certain arenas and so on.

I have so many nice memories of him and with him and I'm grateful for that but we are created in a way that always makes us wanting more so of course I just want him to be here still, all the time. He was in so much pain at the end though so I'm happy that he's in heaven with Rosa now.

The first thing I did when I got back home to Sweden this summer was to go visit him. But things weren't as they were when I left him. He wasn't at home in his kitchen making pancakes for me. He was at the hospital where he spent quite some time during the past three years.

It was so hard leaving Sweden knowing this. Since I lived away from my hometown, where he lives too, during the previous three years I hadn't spent that much time with him lately. But you can't live for someone else either so a decided to move anyways. Whenever my mum was there visiting him we tried to FaceTime and I told him all about the weather of the day and what time it was. It didn't always work that well due to bad internet but I was always happy to see his face and hear his voice. He usually opened the conversation by saying hi followed by "things are as usual", the same way he had done for the past 20 years. But when he started to say "I'm not doing too well" it went as a spear through my heart. Things was supposed to be as usual and all I wanted to hear was was that he was fine. Eventually it started to get hard to look away from it. I know that my mum spent a lot of time with him too. His wife, my grandma Rosa, passed away when I was only 2 years old, 22 years ago. He has been alone ever since so my mum and her other siblings helped out a lot. Every Thursday when my mum was off she usually had some errands to run for him or doctors appointment to take him to. I knew all of this but having my new life in america going at 110 it's hard to take it in fully. I think my mum forgot to tell me some things too since it was so much going on for her too and also maybe not make me feel too bad. She knew how much I cared for him and that I hated that I was so far away.

I'm not religious but I do believe in universe and it's power and I think it has some kind of plan for us if we only want to believe it and are willing to work for it. Moving to Dallas felt right at the time when it was happening but moving away from Dallas eight months earlier that planned felt right too. Whenever it came up as an "option" I didn't hesitate. And I'm so happy that I decided to trust my gut that I usually do. It wasn't just about me not being comfortable there, it was about me needing to be home. 10 weeks, that's what I got back in Sweden with my beloved grandpa. Not a single meeting spent at his house. I've been visiting him at three different hospitals and at a short term home for sick people where he stayed when he didn't need help 24/7. I've been trying to be there for him but it's hard. He's usually been the one taking care of us, I don't know how to do it. What I’m trying to say is that I miss him so much every day. It breaks my heart knowing he’s not at his home, sitting in his chair watching sports. Life without you feels incomplete in a way. I’m so happy to have you with me on my right shoulder, forever and always!

I wrote this while flying back from New York but never posted it. After thinking about him a lot lately and talking about him last night I felt that I had to post this now. I miss you and love you so much!